NOT-SO-WOKE: Zero White Oscar Winners Offered to Relinquish Their Awards to an Actor of Color

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It was a social justice free for all at the Academy Awards Sunday night – brought to you by a bunch of angry feminists.

Brad Pitt bashing Republicans. Filmmakers quoting Karl Marx. Cracks about climate change deniers. People who drink milk. Hyper-political.

But the biggest issue of the night was skin color. These days it’s not so much about talent as it is about your pigmentation.

The opening song and dance featured a black queer woman and a black gay man complaining about the lack of diversity in the Oscars.

The woke Hollywood crowd was especially troubled by the whiteness of Hollywood and the lack of black nominees.

“It’s time to come alive,” sang Janelle Monáe, “because the Oscars is so white!”

It seems to me if they are really that concerned about white guys winning Academy Awards – maybe they should just ban white guys from being nominated in the first place. Right?

But in spite of all the talk about how woke and racially sensitive Hollywood is – not a single white winner – male or female – offered to relinquish their Oscar statue and give it to an actor of color.