‘Not Sure’ Beats Biden for 2024 Dem Pick

An overwhelming number of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to be the party’s national nominee in 2024, a new poll found.

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Do you want a second term from Biden?

Only 29% of Democrats chose Biden to be their ’24 nominee, new I&I/TIPP poll results said.

Tying for second among Democrat respondents were Vice President Kamala Harris and “not sure.”

Biden informed former President Barack Obama that he intended to seek reelection in 2024, The Hill reported. Based on the I&I/TIPP poll results, most Americans would rather he didn’t.

Among Americans of all political affiliations, the I&I/TIPP poll found that only 19% of respondents said they wanted Biden to run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2024.

An overall total of 28% selected “not sure” when asked who they wanted to head the ’24 Democrat ticket.

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“For a sitting president barely into his second year in office to be below 20% in the next election’s preference shows just how low Biden has dropped in the public eye,” the I&I/TIPP survey analyst said.

“Last week’s I&I/TIPP Poll results showed that a similar level (21%) of Americans didn’t think Biden would even finish his first term, much less run for a second.”

The latest I&I/TIPP survey offered 19 names, “other,” and “not sure” as options when asking Americans who should be atop the ’24 Democrat ticket. Continue reading at Newsmax.