Nurse Calls Out Mayor for Playing Favorites with Mandate Exemptions

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is being accused of playing favorites with his exemptions for professional athletes and entertainers from his mandate.

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Should all COVID mandates be dropped?

Twila Brase, RN and president/co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, is calling foul on Adams for picking and choosing who doesn’t have to get the jab.

“It is clear that the mayor is playing favorites,” Brase said.

The policy began during Bill de Blasio’s time as mayor. The stated purpose was to combat the spread of COVID-19. Adams felt it unfair because of a loophole allowing athletes and entertainers from out of town to perform.

Adams also said that the exemptions were important to the city’s economic recovery.

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“Players attract people to the stadium,” Adams said.

New York City’s COVID-shot mandate for workers still applies to people in other professions, including government workers.

“If he is going to let one group of people out of the vaccine mandate, why shouldn’t everybody be left out without the vaccine mandate?” asked Brase.

Government employees that were fired for not complying with the COVID-shot mandate are now wanting to sue the mayor.

“These are not jobs that are essential,” said Brase about the people getting a pass. “These are jobs that are entertainment and he’s decided that entertainment folks do not have to be vaccinated and everyone else has to be vaccinated.”

Brase says it also shows the mayor is not serious about the mandate being effective “if he’s going to let so many people have an exemption.”

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