‘Obama Needs to Come to Grips With What His Party Is — the Party of Racism, Anti-Semitism and Domestic Terrorism’ – Marjorie Taylor Greene

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Listen to the full interview here.

TODD: [01:19:53] you know, I think people just want to when they they see what happened in 2020, they see the results of that. And Marjorie, I blame the never trump. Every single thing that’s happened. I don’t blame Biden. I don’t blame the Democrats. I blame those never troopers who fought Donald Trump tooth and nail.

REP. GREENE: [01:20:14] You know, I’m with you there, as a matter of fact, that’s why I ran for Congress, is I never had any any plans to be involved in politics. But under the first two years under President Trump, when Republicans controlled the House, Republicans controlled the Senate, they are the ones that failed us, not not anybody else. It was those Republicans. They didn’t fund the wall. They didn’t repeal Obamacare. They didn’t defund sanctuary cities and they didn’t defund Planned Parenthood. As a matter of fact, they funded them. So I’m right there with you. The Fail America Right is the problem because we know who the Democrats are. They’re a socialist party and we know what to do with them and that’s fight against them. But it’s the Republicans that don’t stand up and fight and don’t do the job that they say they’re going to do. Well, that’s really the biggest problem we have.

TODD: [01:21:05] You know, I’m curious, Barack Obama doing an interview with Anderson Cooper, still basically saying anyone who supports statues like Robert E. Lee, you know, you folks are racist, that there’s an anti-Semitism problem within the Republican Party. It’s laughable. I mean, this guy is he’s flat out lying to the American people. He knows good and well that the anti-Semitism is alive and well in his own political party.

REP. GREENE: [01:21:33] Oh, you know it. Anti-Semitism is coming directly out of the Democrat Party because they have members of Congress – the Squad – The Jihad Squad is what I call them, who are supporting Hamas terrorists, attacking Israel. They support BDS and they demand they demand that the other members of their party and Nancy Pelosi go along with their anti-Semitism.

And so no – the Democrats are the party of anti-Semitism and they’re also the party of racism. The Democrats are the party of critical race theory – which is a completely racist, horrible ideology that’s being taught in our schools and needs to completely be canceled and wiped out. No one should ever have to apologize for their skin color because none of us (garbled) before we were born to pick our skin color. So it’s absurd. No one is born inherently racist. And so Barack Obama needs to come to grips with what his party is, which is the party of racism, which is the party of anti-Semitism and is the party of domestic terrorism – Antifa, BLM.

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