OMG! Biden Refers to Blacks as ‘Colored People’

From President Biden’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast:

I remember sitting on — going to a little Catholic grade school in Claymont, Delaware, which was a steel town that was dying.  And the bus would go — my mother would drive me to the school parking lot — it was called Holy Rosary School — from a little — and it was called Brookview Apartments.  Used to be Section 8 housing later.

And I get out of the bus — I get out of the car.  And this is where I-95 runs parallel to these days.  And I said, “Mom, why are all those kids” — it was then “colored.”  “Why are all those colored kids in that bus?”  Because in Scranton there weren’t any — there were very few Blacks.  She said, “They’re not allowed to go to school with us here, in Delaware.”  So, you know — and Milton wasn’t what you might call the epicenter of desegregation.

White House

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