Pam Bondi Says “Women For Trump” Aren’t Scared of Leftist Bullies

Conservative pundit Pam Bondi made it clear that the momentum to re-elect President Donald Trump is building in every corner of America, especially among women.

“President Trump is doing great. He’s going to win again,” Bondi told The Todd Starnes Show. “We all know what the president has done for us.”

The former Florida Attorney General pointed toward Trump’s accomplishments that have particularly helped female voters, including record low unemployment and a booming economy.

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Kellyanne Conway and other female Republican leaders recently held Women for Trump rallies in various swing states. Thousands of women showed up in support of the president, Bondi said. “Even pop-ups in women’s homes would have over 100 women” in attendance.

“There’s no stopping Women for Trump,” Bondi affirmed. “It’s a movement.”

As an outspoken Republican and early proponent of the president’s 2016 campaign, Bondi encouraged Trump supporters to continue fighting when faced with backlash over political views: “You’ve got to keep doing what you’re doing.”

“We’re not going to back down” to anti-Trump bullies, Bondi told Starnes. “We’re going to support the values and beliefs that we all share.”

Bondi was confronted by a liberal mob in 2018 over her limited government values, and praises law enforcement for protecting her First Amendment rights: “They’re my heroes.”

Starnes’ latest book – Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation – describes Bondi as a role model who stood her ground while vile protestors called her names and ridiculed her conservative agenda.

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