Pastor Hibbs Slams ‘DEMONIC’ Proposal in California

Jack Hibbs, pastor of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills in California criticized a pro-abortion initiative on the ballot in his state and said Gov. Gavin Newsom is “the king of late-term abortion” and “day-of” abortion in the Golden State.


Hibbs called Proposition 1 the most demonic, dangerous, and dramatic act since Germany in the 1930s, comparing the government in California to Hitler’s plan form of controlling the narrative and deceiving the people on the Todd Starnes show.

Is California Deceiving their residents with Prop 1

Hibbs told host Todd Starnes the way the media is portraying the proposal as women’s rights to productive health, something that sounds very “noble, and happy and healthy” while actually the law is very “murderous and demonic.”

Click this link to view the Proposal coming out of California.

Hibbs described why it is so demonic saying, “California has gotten wicked enough to leave the details out so that there’s no specific day or hour after birth that references, when is it illegal then to take this child’s life? It’s just not there. It’s wide open.”

Visit this link to learn how to Stop this proposal from passing, including donating for billboards to be put up around the state.

The conservative pastor is surprised how few evangelicals have come out in opposition to the abortion amendment.

“If it weren’t for the Catholics speaking up on this and the Mormons, we would be in deep trouble. I mean, I can’t believe it. I am I’m calling for my evangelical fundamental Bible-believing brothers to take a stand. But they’re hard to find right now on this issue. But the Mormons are speaking up and the Catholics are speaking up. And where are my evangelical brother, and pastors? Where are they on this issue?


The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon – 3:00 p.m. EST.

TODD STARNES: [01:00:47] We have a fearless warrior, a great patriot, and he is the pastor of an incredible church in California, Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, our good friend, Pastor Jack Hibbs. Pastor, hope you’re doing good today. [01:01:01][14.4]

PASTOR JACK HIBBS: [01:01:03] Todd. I’m not only doing good. It’s great to talk to you any day. Talking to you brother is excellent, and so thanks for having us on. [01:01:10][7.2]

STARNES: [01:01:10] By the way, I have to compliment you. You invited me to come down and speak to the congregation there. And I have never seen such a gracious group of people. So wonderful to meet everybody. And I don’t know who makes the meals that you serve, but those people deserve a raise. [01:01:29][18.2]

HIBBS: [01:01:30] Well, I tell you what, you’re exactly right. They love you. And listen, our door is open to you any time. And I think you know that. [01:01:38][7.6]

STARNES: [01:01:39] Oh, well, I’ll be back. You know, I’m actually coming down there in a couple of weeks for an event, and I was going to hunt you down and try to sneak in and catch the service to hear you preach. [01:01:47][8.3]

HIBBS: [01:01:49] Well, I’ll look forward to having you any way we can have you, brother. It’s great. [01:01:52][3.3]

STARNES: [01:01:53] Look, Pastor, I wanted you to come on the program because you’re catching a lot of heat there in California for calling out Gavin Newsom, the governor. You rightly pointed out in this great column, Gavin Newsom, the king of late-term abortion, but really he’s the king of day-of abortion in the state of California. [01:02:13][20.4]

HIBBS: [01:02:15] You know, tragically, you’ve accurately placed that right. We’re calling it birthday abortions. And I know, Todd, that many of your listeners, you know, we have a Judeo-Christian worldview value to our hearts, in our minds. And we want to wish and think the best of people. And I’ve tried that for a long time regarding Gavin Newsom, but his antics is absolutely off the charts. It’s hard to imagine, friends, that you’re talking about, a man who has crafted a bill with his Sacramento henchmen that will be the most dramatic and dangerous. Abortion act, Todd in fact, it’s hard to say this, but it goes beyond abortion because it’s the murdering of a baby on his birthday. If the mother’s so inclined. Listen to this, Todd. It’s the mothers so inclined without the father’s permission. The mother condemned the child to be put down. Let’s just use that term put down. And here’s what is amazing. In most cases, Todd, the devil is in the details, but California has gotten wicked enough to leave the details out so that there’s no specific day or hour after birth that references. When is it illegal then to take this child’s life? It’s just not there. It’s wide open. It’s hard for us to believe such a thing. And so the second thing, Todd, I thank God for you and your program because of this. No one’s covering this story. It’s almost by design. Proposition one is the most dangerous thing going on in America. Nobody’s talking about it. About it except Todd Starnes. And Jack Hibbs this has been well hidden and it is absolutely the most diabolical thing I’ve heard of in this country in its creation since its creation. [01:03:41][86.2]

STARNES: [01:04:13] And Pastor Hibbs, you compared it to what was happening in the 1930s, Germany. What did you mean by that? [01:04:20][6.8]

HIBBS: [01:04:22] Well, number one, there was an amazing collective media blitz going on to get everybody’s eyes over to something else rather than what was really going on. And the other thing is that Hitler used the churches and communicated to them in vagueness. And so today in California, everything is being talked about as the women’s right to reproductive health. That’s how it’s been talked about. It’s saying one thing that sounds very noble and happy and healthy while the actual law is very murderous and demonic. And so it is very much like Hitler’s form of controlling the narrative and deceiving the people. And hey, it’s working here in California. But I got to tell you, people are waking up thanks to programs like yours, Todd, where other people in other states are saying, wait a minute, if this is going to happen in California, we know something. If it happens in California, it’s going to come to Texas, it’s going to come to New Jersey, it’s going to come to Nebraska. So there are some people that are gathering together and getting behind our effort. Our effort is StopPropOne.com. And they can get more information. They can certainly help us out because we want to counter his billboard signs. Newsom is using billboard signs in five other states, red states, by the way, red states saying, come to California, you can have an abortion. Don’t tell your parents. And California will pay for it. And nobody needs to know. This is absolutely insane. And then if that wasn’t bad enough, Todd, at the bottom of the billboard, it says from Matthew’s Gospel Chapter five, quoting Jesus love one another. He’s using a Bible verse to support his demonic abortion agenda. [01:06:25][123.1]

STARNES: [01:06:26] And I think that might be one of the kinder things you can call it is demonic. I mean, this is appalling stuff. The idea that a woman would be able to literally abort the baby on its birth date and the way it was written. And again, in California, you guys, on Election Day in November, you’re going to be voting on all of these things, these propositions and the way it is written. Pastor, it’s going to be very hard for people, especially if they’re a liberal, maybe a liberal who is pro-choice, but not that pro-choice, because, as you point out, a lot of pro-choice people are opposed to this. [01:06:32][6.1]

HIBBS: [01:07:05] Well, you just again, you just put your finger right on it. We commissioned a Rasmussen poll and the data came back. It was absolutely awesome. And it was this 79% of voters. Now, you’ve got to remember, in California, we people forget we have more registered Republicans in California than any other state Republicans. The problem is we’ve got more registered Democrats than any other state. But 79% of independents, Republicans and Democrats combined said Proposition one goes too far, it’s too extreme. And that’s what we’re trying to get people to understand. Even for the pro-death. Democrat. This is too extreme for them. They say, no, wait a minute, that’s wrong. And so that’s the messaging we’re trying to get out. And thank you, Todd, for the opportunity to do that on your program. [01:08:03][58.0]

STARNES: [01:08:04] Oh, look, an open invitation here, Pastor, because this is a major issue. And I’ve always felt like this is the defining issue of our nation. And if we can’t get the issue of life right, we can’t get anything else right. [01:08:18][14.0]

HIBBS: [01:08:19] Yep. You’re right Todd. You’ve opened the door for me to say this. I would like to be able to somehow, by the grace of God, employ or use whatever authority I have over pastors in California. Pastors in California. If you don’t stand on this issue. If you don’t stand for this issue of life. I believe that this is the hour where God’s, so to speak, from the Book of Revelation. Will remove your lamp. Stand of witness. Your light will go out. If you can’t stand for this most fundamental, basic, nonpolitical issue, this is a battle between life and death, heaven and hell, light and dark. And in every church in California, that pastor should be a clarion voice to their city. And I think that if enough pastors speak up right now, his congregation will listen and we can stop Prop one, this demonic move. [01:09:20][60.9]

STARNES: [01:09:21] Pastor, I’m curious. I know Catholics are jumping on board with this. Republicans are. How about Protestants, the evangelical leadership? Are you seeing them rising up as well or are you the lone voice crying in the wilderness? [01:09:36][14.3]

HIBBS: [01:09:38] All right now, Todd, you’re going to get me in trouble. I’m going to be. [01:09:41][3.2]

STARNES: [01:09:41] That was the point of this. [01:09:42][0.8]

HIBBS: [01:09:45] I’m going, to be honest. Here it comes. If it weren’t for the Catholics speaking up on this and the Mormons, we would be in deep trouble. I mean, I can’t believe it. I am I’m calling for my evangelical fundamental Bible-believing brothers to take a stand. But they’re hard to find right now on this issue. But the Mormons are speaking up and the Catholics are speaking up. And where are my evangelical brother, and pastors? Where are they on this issue? [01:10:14][29.5]

STARNES: [01:10:16] Well, that’s a great question. And we’re going to find out. And hopefully that’s going to light a fire under a lot of these pastors. And maybe they will see the error of their ways and jump in. But honestly, Pastor, there have been so many evangelical churches that have been taken over by this wokeness and they just don’t want to jump into the fight. [01:10:37][21.2]

HIBBS: [01:10:38] Yeah. Yeah. We certainly saw that during the COVID experience. And I kind of view that as phase one Todd, you know. You know, well, the Lord says that judgment must begin at the house of the Lord. And that’s that word simply means that God is purifying this church. He’s shaking the foundations to see what they’re made of. COVID had a tremendous impact on that. And all of us are smarter right now regarding what is church in a post-COVID world. I believe that here in California, this is phase two for us. This is phase two. This is the next event to shake the church’s foundation in California. And if we crumble at this, then it’s going to come to a state near you. There’s no doubt about it. [01:11:23][44.6]

STARNES: [01:11:24] All right, Pastor, let’s give the website address one more time. Where can people go if they want to get involved in stopping proposition one? [01:11:31][6.8]

HIBBS: [01:11:33] Yeah, exactly that. Start to prop the number one dot com. Stop prop one dot com. More information there. Pray for us and your support will go to getting up those billboards and getting out publication so that people become aware of it. [01:11:50][16.9]

STARNES: [01:11:50] All right. We’re going to do our best to spread the word. Pastor, always good having you on the program and you’ll let me know if they’re coming after you. So we’ll go after them. [01:11:58][8.1]

HIBBS: [01:12:00] Thank you, Todd. All right, my friend. [01:12:02][1.4]

STARNES: [01:12:02] All right, Pastor Jack Hibbs, everybody fighting an incredible fight. It is a righteous fight in the state of California, a massive church. And I am so glad that he is really mobilizing the flock down there in Southern California to stand up and fight back. The idea that California is on the verge of not just approving, but actually codifying the day of abortion in the state of California. It’s it’s reprehensible. But this is what happens when good people stand down and do nothing. I mean, how many times have we heard this throughout history? Silence in the face of evil as evil itself. That’s what Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said. And Pastor Pastor Jack said, If it hadn’t been for the Catholics and the Mormons, we’d be in a world of hurt. So where are all of you? Good Protestants? We’re all. Are you good evangelicals and non-denominational types and Pentecostals? Where are you guys in the fight? [01:12:59][57.5]

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