Pelosi doesn’t follow her own rules: Rep. Barry Loudermilk

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Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not follow her own rules requiring politicians to go through metal detectors on Capitol Hill.

“Really what it is is it’s just another rule that she imposes but she isn’t subjected to the same rules we are in her mind,” Loudermilk told the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

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Loudermilk told host Todd Starnes the House speaker pulled the same thing when Congress was voting on the speaker of the House. 

According to Loudermilk, Pelosi had a rule that if you tested positive for COVID-19 you could not show up in person to vote.

“The night before (the vote) she unilaterally changed the rule and allowed for those that have tested COVID to go into a safe space and then just walk on the floor and vote because she realized she may not have enough votes,” Loudermilk explained. 

Loudermilk said the speaker of the House never let the Republicans know that they were allowed to come in and vote in person.

Meanwhile, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is getting fined for not going through the metal detector a second time after getting up to use the restroom before a vote took place. 

“It’s just nonsense,” said Starnes. “The idea that you’re going to dock his pay $5,000 and meanwhile Nancy Pelosi can just disobey her own rules is just ludicrous.”

The conservative congressman pointed out the double standard as Pelosi and the Democrats use their rules to only restrict Republicans.

“They are gonna put all kinds of rules to restrict republicans but don’t expect them to follow them,” said Loudermilk. 

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