‘Pelosi’s Gestapo’ – MTG Calls For Investigation of Secret Capitol Police Squad

TODD: [00:43:52] Let’s go to the Patriot mobile newsmaker line from the Great State of Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Marjorie, great to have you back with us.

GREENE: [00:44:28] Hi, Todd. Thanks for having me on today. All right.

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TODD: [00:44:30] I want to get your reaction here that Capitol Police have been monitoring. What are they been doing to you guys?

GREENE: 00:44:39] Well, we don’t know. We’re just finding out. And I will tell you, it’s shocking to hear the things that that Congressman Nehlls has been talking about. I spoke with him extensively yesterday about this issue on the House floor, and it’s extremely alarming. His staff walked in to three Capitol Police officers that he says were dressed in more, you know, regular clothes. He thought they were dressed like construction workers in his office, and they had been taking pictures of things on congressman Nehl’s white board and the three men there were asking his staff questions about it. This happened back in November. Now here’s what here’s what the deal is. They’re not supposed to be in our offices. All of our offices belong to our district, the people of our district like mine – Georgia 14, and no one’s allowed to go in without our permission, and they’re not allowed to take pictures of any of our legislation, our work. And this is why it’s so concerning. We feel like it’s you know, it’s like Pelosi’s Gestapo. They’re like a whole different type of police force that we’ve never seen before. But what I will say this, I don’t think this is coming from the rank and file Capitol Police officers who who I see every single day and speak with as I go in and out of the building. I think this is coming from their superiors and perhaps that intelligence division and the Capitol Police. We already know that they are spying on constituents that visit our offices.

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TODD: [00:46:11] Wait, wait, hold on. Hold on. How do you know that? How do you know they’re spying on the constituents?

GREENE: [00:46:17] Oh, this has been all in the news just recently. This is another thing we found out in the news that that they keep files on people and they investigate them looking into their social media and different things on who these people are that visit certain members of Congress offices. And they even look into people who go to our events, such as maybe a fundraising event, a town hall or a rally when we travel or back home in our district. And this is so completely wrong, and I’ll tell you why this is, you know, the Capitol is the People’s House, and as a member of the House of Representatives, our office buildings and the Capitol should be completely open to the public. The public should be able to visit our offices and and, you know, address their needs or grievances with their government that is guaranteed right for the people. And it’s the taxpayers who pay for it all. But we are working in a completely different environment. This has been like a political war since January six. That is how the Democrats are treating us. We go through metal detectors to go vote. We we are just treated terribly and we never did anything wrong. As a matter of fact, objecting to Electoral College votes are completely legal and our right, it’s our right to do that. What Democrats have done for decades with Republican presidents, they’ve done the same thing, but we’re being treated completely different. And I’ll tell you, like, there’s people and we don’t know who they are that have been allies and stolen signs outside my office door. And I’ve asked over and over for them to put security cameras outside my door. They will not do it. Sergeant at arms won’t do it. Capitol Police haven’t done it. We’ve asked to investigate and it feels dangerous to me. It doesn’t. I don’t feel safe where there’s people that work in my office building that are able to vandalize signs right outside my office or seal them and clearly do not like me and I have so many desperate. But the Capitol Police and sergeant at arms do nothing about it, and now we know that they go in and spy in our office,


TODD: 00:48:22] and I’m so glad you made that distinction. We’re not talking about the rank and file here. We’re talking about other somebody else up up to no good. And whether that’s some sort of a deep ops team or something that is not right, I do want to ask you, Marjorie, have you do you have any knowledge that these teams have been in your office or they have been surveilling you or your staff?

GREENE: [00:48:46] I do not I do not have any evidence to say that they have been in my office, but I did sign on a letter with Matt Gates because we decided to move swiftly on this and we have sent a letter to Capitol Police to preserve records, preserve all of their records because this is something we’re going to investigate when when Republicans take back the House, they have the Democrats, what they have done to Congress, they’ve completely perverted our institution. Everything they’re doing is unconstitutional and they have turned our federal government and the power in Congress, and they’ve weaponized it against the American people, and they have weaponized that against Republicans, whom they consider their enemies. And and this is it’s so outrageous. Congressman Gates and I worked together, he wrote. The letter is fantastic letter I signed on immediately and we hustled around and got more Republican signatures on. And so that letter has been sent to Capitol Police. We want them to preserve all records, emails, text messages, photos, every single shred of evidence that we we will need to look into to see if there is actually spying going on against Republican members of Congress or any member of Congress. Yes. This is just never happened.

TODD: [00:49:57] It’s very disturbing. We know your time. You’ve got a meeting. You’ve got to rush off to. We appreciate you coming on the program today and bringing us up to speed on this.

GREENE: [00:50:08] Absolutely, thanks so much, Todd. And God bless you, guys, and we’ll talk soon. All right.

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