‘PERSECUTION’: Caller Says Trump Raid Inspires Him to Get Politically Active for First Time

A “Todd Starnes Show” caller named Ernie from North Carolina, a Vietnam War veteran, said he’s going to get politically active for the first time at 77 years old because of the attacks on former President Trump.

Are you more likely to support Trump after the FBI raid?

“I’m going to try to get everyone informed and voting,” Ernie told host Todd Starnes Thursday. “And they’ve gone over the top with this, this is persecution.”

Ernie predicts a massive backlash against the Biden administration in November.


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

STARNES: [01:26:45] Let’s go to the phones, Ernie. North Carolina. Now, Ernie, I don’t want to have to be I’m going to be a little rude because when the attorney general speaks, we’re going to have to break into that. But go ahead. The platform is yours.

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ERNIE: Yes, sir. I understand that. I’m almost 77 years old. I’m a Vietnam War veteran. I voted conservatively all my life. And I’ll tell you what, I have never been politically active. I’m going to be politically active this time to the best of my ability. I’m going to try to get everyone informed and voting. And they’ve gone over the top with this, this is persecution.

STARNES: I’m with you, Ernie. I truly do believe when you look at what happened, I think this was a politically motivated attack on President Trump.

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ERNIE: It absolutely was, any fool can say that. And I cannot believe that there are people that think Trump deserves this. Why doesn’t the Clintons deserve to be prosecuted for stealing the silverware, taking the furniture out of the White House? And what could possibly Trump have ever taken that they don’t have copies of? I don’t understand. I think, maybe I’m a simple man, but I don’t understand why they did this at this time, except to try and keep Trump from being the candidate.

STARNES: Ernie, it doesn’t take 9 hours to crack into a safe. It doesn’t take 9 hours to get the 15 boxes of whatever was there. But it does take a few hours if you’re going to be planning evidence. It’s going to take a few hours if you’re installing surveillance devices inside Mar-A-Lago. And when you tell me that the attorneys for Trump were not allowed to be present and they were ordered to turn off all the security cameras, that tells me everything I need to know. Ernie.

ERNIE: Same here. Same here. But I’m going to tell you this. I’m going to tell you right now there is going to be a backlash that they never predicted would happen.

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STARNES: I have no doubt about that. Ernie, appreciate the call. Glad we didn’t have to interrupt you. So thank you for listening to us.

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