Planned Parenthood Launches Abortion-Themed Ice Cream Truck

Would you like some condoms with your creamsicle? Planned Parenthood has you covered with its creepy new pro-abortion campaign.

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The president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Alexis Johnson, tweeted out the organization’s latest advertisement: an “abortion rights” ice cream truck in Texas.

Do you support abortion?

The white van sports an American flag, the hashtag #bansoffourbodies, a selection of ice cream, and, of course, sex education.

“Ice cream, you scream: abortion rights for all,” a poster on the side of the truck reads.

Planned Parenthood is heating up its advertisement following stricter abortion laws in Texas.

It’s a one-stop-shop for “safe sex” and choco tacos:

“In other news, Planned Parenthood has hired a creepy van,” Emily Zanotti of Fox News Digital said.

“I’ll take a pass on the creamsicle,” national radio host Todd Starnes said. “This is disgusting.”