Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds Oppose Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports

An NPR/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday showed that 63% of Americans, almost two-thirds, opposed the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports, with only 24% supporting the idea.


A whopping 43% said they strongly opposed transgender athletes participating, and 20% said they were somewhat against it. Meanwhile, only 10% responded that they strongly supported the idea, and another 14% somewhat supported it.

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The division of support along party lines had even more shocking results. Democrats supported the participation by only five percentage points, with 41% opposing and 46% supporting.

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Independents joined Republicans as being largely opposed: 63% of independents said they were against the proposal, and 88% of Republicans said the same.

“For leaders in the Republican Party, [transgender individuals in women’s sports] has become a very powerful talking point, and what our polling’s showing is that it’s resonating with a significant majority of their base,” Ipsos Vice President Mallory Newall told NPR.

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The poll also showed that 47% of Americans opposed “state laws or policies that prevent transgender youth from accessing gender transition medical care,” with opinions largely split on party lines.

However, Breitbart noted that the framing of the question by NPR/Ipsos pollsters was “a softer way of saying puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and irreversible” sex-change surgeries.

In a survey with different framing conducted last month by the American Principles Project, 63% of adults in six battleground states said they believed children were too young to decide on sex-change surgery alone, Fox News reported. Continue reading at Newsmax.

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