Pompeo SLAMS Biden Admin’s Response to Cuban Protesters

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called out the Biden administration for its response as the “anti-communist, freedom-loving people rise up to demand their essential freedoms” in Cuba.

Pompeo told the Todd Starnes Show Monday he laughed when he saw the Biden administration initially blame it on COVID.

“We know what tyranny, communism, and socialism have done to these people. That’s what this is about,” Pompeo told host Todd Starnes.

And when President Biden put out a statement, Pompeo said it was “good” but failed to hit on the “core problem” of communism and socialism that is denying people basic human rights.

“I hope that the Biden administration will relentlessly remind the world of what the Cuban leadership, the Cuban dictatorship, the Communist leadership there for decades now has done to these people and that the world will unite in its support for the Cuban people,” he said. “If we do that the Cuban people will have a brighter day. The world will be safer and there will be another Communist regime on the ash heap of history.”

As part of the Trump administration, Pompeo designated Cuba a state-sponsor of terrorism.

“This is an important moment and I hope this administration will do the kinds of things that the Trump administration did to support these freedom fighters, to support these glorious patriots, to push back against communism,” he added.

The New York Times accused the Cuban protesters of chanting “anti-government” slogans.

“Todd, sadly, the first reaction of the Left to freedom movements around the world is often to support tyranny. It’s a sad thing to say but we’ve seen this,” Pompeo said. “They don’t understand these people simply want to raise their families, practice their own faith, get jobs and work, engage in the private sector economy. That’s what they’re demanding. That’s why they’ve taken to the streets today.”

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