Biden WH Asked Border City Not to Declare State of Emergency

The Biden White House is allegedly pressuring the border city of El Paso, Texas not to declare a state of emergency despite massive surges in illegal immigration.


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Oscar Leeser, the city’s Democrat mayor, allegedly told a city council member that the Biden administration asked him not to make the declaration.

“He told me the White House asked him not to,” Council member Claudia Rodriguez told the New York Post.

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This comes despite the number of migrants being released into the community increasing by four times since this summer.

In response to the crisis, the city recently launched a migrant crisis dashboard recording the number of illegal immigrants entering the community.

The data show that in the summer El Paso released less than 1,700 migrants per week. This number soared to more than 6,800 last week.

Additionally, the city is releasing 1,000 migrants per day and providing roughly 900 meals a day to illegal immigrants.

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Three of El Paso’s eight council members have already called on the mayor to declare a state of emergency concerning the crisis, per the New York Post.

In a statement following the report, the mayor said his decision making is not influenced by outside forces.

“I don’t bow to pressure from any side,” Leeser insisted. “I make decisions based on current circumstances and in the best interest of the citizens of El Paso.”

The mayor also thanked the Biden administration for providing “critical” assistance amid the crisis.

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