President Warns That Stacey Abrams May Be Harvesting Ballots for U.S. Senate Races

President Trump warned during a briefing today that Democrat Stacey Abrams may be trying to steal the Georgia U.S. Senate races by “harvesting” votes.

Following is a transcript of the president’s remarks to reporters:

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“I read this morning where Stacey Abrams has 850,000 ballots accumulated.  Now, that’s called “harvesting.”  You’re not allowed to harvest, but I understand the Secretary of State, who is really — he’s an enemy of the people, the Secretary of State.  And whether he’s Republican or not, this man — what he’s done.  Supposedly, he made a deal — and you’ll have to check this — where she’s allowed to harvest but, in other areas, they’re not allowed.  What kind of a deal is that?  They’re not allowed to harvest during the presidential. 
“But how can she say she has 850,000 ballots?  That would mean that she’s got 850,000 ballots for her.  That’s not supposed to be happening.  That’s not an election.  You know, an election should be a one-day deal: You walk in and you vote.  And if you can’t do it — if, for some reason, you’re not feeling well or there’s a problem.

“But what they did is they use COVID in order to defraud the people of this country.  And the whole world is watching and the whole world is laughing at our electoral process.  The whole world is watching.  And it’s a very sad thing.  A very sad thing.”

“But you have a big election coming up.  You have a woman or somebody announced 850,000 absentee ballots have already been collected — 850.  And I told David Perdue today and I told Kelly yesterday, I said, “They’re talking about having collected already 800,000 ballots against you.”  You can’t do that.  You can’t do that.  What kind of a race is that?  You can’t allow that to happen.”


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