Pro-Abortion Thug Punches Pro-Life Teen in Kansas

A pro-life teenager in Kansas was reportedly attacked by a pro-abortion activist over the weekend.

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Grace Hartsock, an 18-year-old volunteer for Students for Life Action (SFLAction), was door-knocking Sunday in Overland Park in support of the “Value Them Both” amendment when a woman chased her into the street.

“When the pro-abortion woman caught up to Hartsock, she shoved Hartsock in the chest with both hands and began violently hitting her in the head with closed fists,” SFLA reports.

Kristi Hamrick, spokeswoman for SFLA, told ToddStarnes.com the woman also shouted that she hoped Hartsock would get raped.

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“It’s unfathomable that the pro-choice movement claims to be ‘pro-woman’ and yet attacks women who don’t agree with their narrative,” said Hartsock. “It’s not surprising to me that a person who advocates for violence in the womb wouldn’t hesitate to attack a pro-life woman like myself.”

A report was filed by Students for Life Action with the Leawood Police Department. ToddStarnes.com is seeking comment from the department.

SFLAction said Hartsock is back in action following the attack.

Hamrick said it is not the first time that SFLA has experienced violence.

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“We were out at the supreme court every decision day just in case, and we were there the day Roe fell,” said Hamrick. “We have seen this firsthand. We have been the victims of violence, but frankly, that almost makes us more determined because the pre-born are experiencing that violence and we need to stand with them.”

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