Pro-Lifers Organize Day of Mourning over New York Abortion Law

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After the State of New York passed one of the nation’s most extreme abortion laws, allowing abortion up to the moment of birth, one activist mother wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Elizabeth Johnston, known as the Activist Mommy, took matters into her own hands after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill allowing abortion in the Empire State up until birth, and has organized an upcoming rally in the state capital of Albany.

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But the rally isn’t your traditional political rally. Johnston is organizing a “day of mourning” designated to be February the 23rd.

Johnston, on The Todd Starnes Show, said that after Cuomo signed the law and ordered The World Trade Center be lit pink to commemorate the occasion, her inbox was “absolutely full and slammed with…distressed and grieved and outraged citizens.”

The mother turned political activist said that the emails inspired her to stop “being on the sidelines” and “we have got to rescue these children.”

“We are calling on the entire nation to mourn and repent over the sin abortion,” Johnston said.

She called on Americans to wear black on February 23 – as a way to repent for the sin of abortion. 

She also urged people to shut down their businesses and avoid shopping.

“We have got to look at ourselves as a people in a culture and align with God’s heart on this matter and ask ourselves how we can believe that it is acceptable in any way to murder not only a 40 week old baby but even a five week old gestation baby,” she said.

Johnston said that “all abortion is the taking of an innocent life” and that it was time to “get serious about repenting and grieving before God.”

Johnston’s inspiration for the event came from New York bookstore owner John Speed, who closed his store the day after Cuomo signed the bill into law in protest over the sales tax money he was collecting for the state. Speed will be speaking at the Albany rally, Johnston said.

Those interested in learning more about the Day of Mourning, Johnston said, should visit the website dayofmourning.org.

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