Pro-Trump Marine Veteran: You’d Better Fight Now If You Want to Save America

The following is a transcript from The Todd Starnes Radio Show.

STARNES: One of my favorite quotes from the movie the classic movie that iconic film Galaxy Quest – “Never give up. Never surrender.” Look, it’s a terrific quote. It’s a fine movie.

But it’s a great message for all of us right here right now. In modern day America, we gotta folks, we can’t give up We cannot do it. We’ve got a fight. We’ve got a fight. And if Biden becomes the president, we’ve got to keep fighting.

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But it’s not over yet. All right, let’s go to the phones, man. A lot of you folks wanna weigh in here. Let’s start with Toby in Arkansas listening to us on KARN. Hi, Toby. What’s on your mind today?

CALLER: Well, Todd, first of all, I wanna say I appreciate the stand you’re taking there. It is definitely not time to give up on this. Anybody with any sense knows that Donald Trump won this election by a landslide. Uh, you know, they only accounted for, you know, a certain amount of the illegal votes with the male ends and so forth. They still don’t know how deep that that Dominion computer operation goes, but I’m telling you, it goes very deep. I was watching it last year. I’ve been watching it for a few years and it should have been dealt with years ago. But that’s the corruption in Washington, D. C. Donald Trump is up there to fight.

So here’s the deal. Donald Trump won this election. And when the smoke does clear. Eventually he will be back in the White House for another four years. And people do need do not need to go to this place where Oh, he can run again another four years from now. That will not happen.

You better fight right now if you want to save this country. I’m talking about fighting in prayer, getting ahold of God and bring in the end the victory. Because remember, he was not even supposed to get close first time around in 2016, and then he’s gonna be back in there. And this time he’s going to clean the swamp and we’re gonna be supporting. We’re gonna help him clean the swamp. I’m sick of this corruption.

I’m a Marine Corps veteran. Two years in Vietnam. Uh, and I’m a born again Christian. You put it all together, and what you’ve got is one man. I’m ready to stand up for this country whatever it takes, Whatever it takes, we cannot allow the other side to get in there because we know what they’ll do when they get there. so time. God bless you for your stand on 100% with you and discontinue toe. Preach it the way that it is. Donald Trump is gonna be in the White House when the smoke clears off of this situation.

STARNES: Toby, I couldn’t have said it better, sir, and we ought to play your comments over and over and over again. You’re absolutely right. And it is gonna be a fight. And unfortunately, we’ve got a nation and a Republican. A political party. But let’s be honest here. The Republicans are not fighters. The Democrats, They’ll fight you. They’ll cut you. The Democrats will. But the Republicans always want to get along to get along. And that’s what’s happening right now. That’s what’s happening right now in the state of Georgia, where you’ve got a fight for the for the heart and soul of the nation underway. I mean, I’m not even talking about the presidential fight. I’m talking about the senatorial fight down there. It’s unbelievable. You oughta have every single Republican in America boots on the ground in Georgia fighting the good fight. But you know, it’s were hard pressed, were hard pressed to get people down there. So, Toby. God bless you, sir. Thank you for serving our great country. You know, by the way, folks, Toby sounded like a Marine, right? I mean, he knows what it means to fight.

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