PROPAGANDA: VP’s Team Covers Up Harris’ Bricks

Vice President Kamala Harris’ team is accused of “North Korean-style disinformation” for a claim about the Veep’s performance Wednesday, Mediate reports.

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Kirsten Allen, the VP’s press secretary, claimed her boss hit “nothing but net” in a video posted on Twitter that clearly shows the ball hit the rim.

“While it is impressive the vice president sank the shot, describing it as “nothing but net” is simply North Korean-style disinformation,” Mediaite’s Kipp Jones said.

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But it’s even worse than that.

Harris missed five shots before the first gentleman Doug Emhoff gave her a pointer to help make the shot.

She was at American University for a Title IX 50th anniversary field day for the incident.

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Does Kamala Harris' team remind you of North Korean propaganda?