Psaki: ‘We’re Not Sending the President to Ukraine’ (Even the Democrats Get It)

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told an audience Thursday night President Biden won’t be going to Ukraine and “we should all be maybe relieved about that.”

Are you relieved Biden is not going to Ukraine?

“That is not in the plans for the president of the United States,” Psaki said.

She was asked by “Pod Save America” podcast hosts whether Biden would be sent to Ukraine amid the ongoing war with Russia.

Earlier in the day, a reporter asked Biden if he was ready to go to Ukraine himself and he simply replied, “Yeah.”

“No. no,” Psaki said. “He’s ready for anything. The man likes the fast cars and aviators. He’s ready to go to Ukraine. It’s true he does. We’re not sending the president to Ukraine.”

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She said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took an 8-hour train through a war zone to get to Ukraine.

“So no, that is not in the plans for the president of the United States. We should all be maybe relieved about that. He’s got a few other things to do,” Psaki said.

“I was going to say, thank you,” the podcast host replied.

“Yes, you’re welcome. You’re welcome, America. We need him to do a lot of things,” she added.

National radio host Todd Starnes responded on Twitter.

“Even the Democrats get it, folks,” Starnes said, with the hashtags “dementia” and “senile.”