PURGED: Conservative Knitting Group Banned From Website

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Ravelry has already started purging conservative knitters from its website, according to many of our readers and listeners.

The popular online community for knitters announced over the weekend a zero tolerance policy for anyone who supports President Trump or the Trump Administration.

One of our regular readers notified me today that the Conservative Knitters group was shut down today.

“Ravelry is not even trying to hide their disdain,” the reader said.

The fascists who run Ravelry notified the conservatives of their “new policy on all things Trump related.”

“It’s vitally important that you read the specific policy guidelines rather than form opinions based on other posts here at Ravelry, social media, or the world at large,” they wrote. “You do not have to like it, but you have to abide by it if you continue to use this site.”

“Ravelry is a private venture, and it is entitled to make this decision. This is not open to debate,” they wrote. The moderators of this board will exercise zero tolerance toward any violations of house rules.”

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