RED ALERT: Rep. Hice Says Democrats Want to Force Christians to Violate Beliefs

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Congressional Democrats continue to make headlines as they push the so-called Equality Act, concerning Christian organizations who fear the bill would severely hurt religious liberty.

The House approved the dangerous legislation on Friday. Eight Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the measure. Click here for more on the renegade Republicans.

With a core constituency at risk over the proposed bill, House and Senate Republicans are pushing back.

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) on the Todd Starnes Radio Show called the proposal a “horrible piece of legislation.”

“This bill erodes the First Amendment, totally destroys religious liberties,” Hice said. “This is… going literally empower the federal government to force people to contrast their deeply held religious beliefs.”

The Georgia congressman told Fox Nation’s Todd Starnes that the Democrats are exposing themselves as “who they are what they believe and what they’re trying to accomplish in this country.”

“[The Democrats want] to totally silence and to some extent potentially even criminalize Christian voice when it comes to the issue of marriage,” Hice said.

Starnes noted that the Equality Act “intentionally strips out the language that protects churches,” and he contends that the Democrats are “trying to shut down the churches.”

He writes about the crisis facing the nation in his upcoming book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

“This ought to be a red alert for everyone in America,” Hice replied. “the fact that this bold proposal or radical proposal is coming to the floor for a vote… really is alarming and ought to send chills down the spines of everyone in this country.”

Without Democrat control of the Senate or the White House, Hice noted that the bill has little chance of actually becoming law, but called it “stunning” that there are representatives prepared to vote for the bill.

“It’s extremely frightening,” he said.

Opposition to the Equality Act isn’t coming solely from the right side of the political aisle, with conservatives finding common ground with feminists, proving yet again that politics makes strange bedfellows.

Hice said that a press conference Thursday morning organized to issue statements against the Equality Act, lifelong Democrat and liberal feminist Kara Dansky also voiced her opposition to the bill.

“From her perspective, it will negatively impact women’s rights on multiple bathroom issues and sports issues and a host of things along those lines,” Hice said. “This is something that both sides of the aisle ought to be horrified about.”

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