Registered Democrat Chris Wallace Attacks, Interrupts Trump Campaign Advisor on Fox News

Fox News Channel host and registered Democrat Chris Wallace harangued Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes during an ugly appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Wallace yelled at Cortes and continuously interrupted him while he tried to answer the unhinged host’s questions.

“The way you are starting to harangue me now reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night,” he said. “He had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well.”

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Wallace rejected that accusation and said it was a Trump campaign talking point.

“You were not a neutral moderator,” Cortes said. “What I don’t think is okay for you to become the effective opposition to the president.”

At this point there’s really no reason for a conservative to appear on Fox News Channel. They’re not going to get a fair shake.

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