Remember When Schools Sang Praise Songs About Obama? Well, They Don’t Sing Praise Songs About Trump

It’s not uncommon to see adults protesting a president. But it’s a different story when it involves children saying they “hate Donald Trump.”

Video of the incident in San Francisco was captured by Margaret VandenBerghe, aka Fog City Midge. It shows a large group of children repeatedly chanting “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!”

She told The Todd Starnes Radio Show that she is glad the story is getting attention. Click here to listen to the interview.


“We all know that indoctrination happens at the college level, and to some extent at the high school level, but to see it happening to students as young as kindergarten is unbelievable,” she said. “These people need to be called out.”

Fog City Midge said she pitched the story to local news outlets.

“No one was interested in this at all,” she mourned.

Fog City Midge decided to take her camera and microphone to the protest along Mission Street and ask questions.

“The parents were very aggressive with me as you can see from the video,” she continued. “It’s funny because these people are using kids but then saying ‘you can’t talk to the kids.’”

“They’re basically weaponizing these kids,” replied Todd Starnes.

Fog City Midge agreed, adding that someone obviously taught these students to say what they did.

“We have activist teachers in San Francisco public schools that see it as their job not to educate the students, but to indoctrinate them and to teach them social justice,” she explained. “A high school teacher that I spoke to later in the day said to me, ‘What does it matter if they don’t know math and reading? It’s more important that they know social justice.’”

Aside from what the kids were saying, Starnes pointed out that downtown is no place for kids.

“It’s just downright dangerous with human waste and dirty needles all over the place,” Starnes explained.

“Imagine if this had been a Trump rally, an NRA event, or a March for Life,” she replied. “There would be outrage, but these people seem to see no issue with what they’ve done.”

In 2009, during the early days of the Obama administration, videos of school children singing pro-Obama songs went viral.

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