Rep. Budd on Bill to Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Schools, Military, and Federal Agencies

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Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) is co-sponsoring two bills combatting funding for Critical Race Theory in schools, the military, and federal agencies.

The Stop CRT Act puts into law a Trump executive order banning CRT in federal agencies’ training and the Combatting Racist Training in teh U.S. Military Act, prohibits the military and educations institutions under the Department of Defense from promoting unAmerican and racist theories like CRT.

“We should not use regular, hardworking regular Americans’ taxpayer dollars to fund these theories,” Budd told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” Thursday.

“Let’s cut this off at the funding level and no way should we be teaching this in our military academies. We need to be about bringing people together, not fracturing and dividing people, which is a way to hurt our country, which is what CRT does,” he added.

Host Todd Starnes said CRT is “targeting white children and telling them they should be ashamed because of the color of their skin.”

“We need to keep it out of our schools, out of our federal workforce, and out of our military,” Budd said. “What we need to be teaching, instead, is that this country is special. That our country is blessed by God That we embody the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And that we are all endowed by our Creator with equal rights that no man or government can ever take away.”

CRT, Starnes said, is “summed up: white people are bad. White people are evil. Stop the white man. That’s basically what Critical Race Theory is all about.”

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