Rep. Harris: Pandemic Proved We Can’t Let Government Run Our Healthcare

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) told the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday the government’s policies for COVID have been political and not based on science.

“A lot of the decisions have been based on hope,” Harris, a medical doctor specialized in obstetric anesthesiology, told guest host Jeff Stein. “They’re based on wish. They’re based on which way the political wind blows.”

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Whether it’s masks or vaccines or therapeutics, Harris said all of it is “just so muddied.”

“With regards to masks, before COVID, it was pretty clear that masks were not effective for respiratory viruses like the flu,” said Harris. “All of a sudden, ‘any mask would do,’ then it was ‘only certain kinds of masks,’ and now it’s ‘only N95 or KN95,” and the science just isn’t there for a lot of this and a lot of this is just wishful thinking.”

People can still seek out information from their health care providers, but Harris said even health care providers are unfortunately coming under government pressure to toe the government line.

“That really is very, very dangerous for your health,” said Harris. “I hope it’s a message we take out of COVID, that we just can’t let the government run our health care.”

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The remarks from Harris come just after scientists and news outlets such as Associated Press shared observations that Omicron is on its way out.

“It’s going to come down as fast as it went up,” Ali Mokdad, a professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle told Associated Press on January 12th.

“Hopefully we get a little reprieve from things now,” said Harris, co-chair of GOP Doctors Caucus, 18 health care providers serving in Congress to protect patients’ access to care. “When the dust settles, we can figure out where the real science is and how to protect every American to the best ability we can.”

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