Rep. Hartzler: SCOTUS Draft Leaked to Intimidate Justices, Congress

The person who leaked a Supreme Court draft memo indicating that the court will overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision made an “outrageous” and “intentional” attempt to “intimidate the justices to change their opinion” and to force the Senate’s hand on voting to codify abortion legislation, Rep. Vicky Hartzler told Newsmax on Tuesday.

Was the draft leaked to intimidate the justices?

“It sounds like things are going the way for life and for the Constitution and the justices are saying ‘hey, nine people unelected in black robes should not be making this decision; this isn’t in the Constitution. This should be left up to the elected representatives,’ and that sounds like a very positive decision in my mind,” the Missouri Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

But with the leak to Politico on Monday, “you have an attempt by a liberal clerk to cause them to change their mind,” Hartzler said. “We know in the past that justices sometimes do change their minds before it’s out, actually published.”

She added that she thinks the first goal is to try to press Chief Justice John Roberts to weigh in on the decision, but also, ‘it’s an attempt to influence the 2022 fall elections because … the American people are sad because of all of the terrible policies, the economic policies, inflation, the border, you name it, so they’re trying to get their base to come out and to vote for the Democrats.”

The FBI is involved in trying to find the person or persons who leaked the draft ruling, said Hartzler, and there will be a “very intense review of this to try to find out who this person is and to take action against them.”

Such leaks must stop, said Hartzler, who tweeted Monday night that the leak is “outrageous and dangerous,” even though she does “pray and remain hopeful” that the court does follow through with the draft decision.

“The Supreme Court was the one institution in our country where you could count on for them to adhere to their policies and to not publish their opinions until it was finalized,” said Hartzler, adding that she fears President Joe Biden could “really change things” by trying to sway the justices.

“It’s just wrong,” she said. “It has to be rooted out and it has to be stopped.” Continue reading at Newsmax.

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