Rep. Loudermilk: Georgia Legislature Has Authority to Throw Out Election Results

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) told the Todd Starnes Radio Show that it’s possible that the presidential vote in the state of Georgia could ultimately be thrown out by the state legislature. Listen to the full interview above. Following is a transcript:

STARNES: Congressman, let’s just say that that the secretary of state in Georgia just completely ignores all of that. And the disputed vote goes before the state Legislature for ratification. Is there something the Legislature can do? Can they step in at that point

LOUDERMILK: Well, they can. And I’ve been talking to some of the members of the legislature to open their own investigations into what’s going on? As far as to make sure first and foremost that only legal ballots are counted and every legal ballot is counted and every illegal ballot is thrown out. And in that process, you have to determine. All right, here’s some that are questionable. We need to make sure every questionable ballot is put aside, and then it is given the utmost scrutiny. We need to make sure that’s happening. So we’ve asked the legislature to look into it. The legislature even has, under the Georgia Constitution, the ability, if they believe that there is enough questions about the validity of the election itself to throw out the results in a point there and the legislature actually appoint the electors. So there is a lot of authority that the legislature does have moving forward now, what they’re going to do, I’m uncertain.

STARNES: But they do have that authority?


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