Rep. Louie Gohmert: We Need to Repel the Invasion at the Border

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who is running for attorney general in Texas, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show it’s time to stop the invasion at the southern border.

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Gohmert told national radio host Todd Starnes that Texas has the resources and capability to solve the border crisis.


Is there an invasion at the southern border?

Here is the transcript: 

TODD STARNES: [01:01:40] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us from the awesome state of Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert. Congressman, I hope you’re doing good. It’s been a while. [01:01:50][9.3]

LOUIE GOHMERT: [01:01:51] Well, it has been a while. But man, as always, I love what you do and I love what you you’re exposing and just those clips that you played. There are so important because, you know. On the one hand, it’s tempting to say, well, we know her campaign was involved, but maybe she didn’t know. But. Todd, from the things you played there, even if she didn’t know originally, that they were behind it. Let me just read you 18 U.S. Code Section two. Whoever commits an offense against the United States and otherwise whoever commits a crime under U.S. law. Or they go to letter word or a a bad councils induces. Is punishable as a principle in meaning as if they’re the ones that actually came up with the idea themselves. She may have come up with the idea herself. She may have been in on the original planning. But even if she wasn’t the kind of things that you’re playing there, she clearly has aided and abetted and induced and procured what they did. And it sounds to me like she should be held accountable as a principal for all of these things. And in the in the legal realm, in trying cases where I spent most of my life till I got to Congress, there is a doctrine called spoliation, and that’s a doctrine regarding evidence that if evidence is in the possession of one of the parties. And that party destroys that evidence, then the judge can instruct the jury that they might presume that that evidence proved the case against that party that destroyed it. Well, you’ve got her obstructing evidence. Regardless of what the evidence showed, she obstructed evidence. She she she destroyed evidence. So anyway, she obstructed justice and she ought to be held accountable for all these things. Unfortunately, when President Trump was in office, we had trouble finding a an attorney general that would go after Hillary and the Democratic Party the way they should have. [01:04:40][169.1]

STARNES: [01:04:41] Yeah,. [01:04:41][0.0]

GOHMERT: [01:04:41] But Durham still out there. He should have been faster than he’s been. But the evidence is still coming in. [01:04:49][7.4]

STARNES: [01:04:50] And I’m wondering if eventually we’re going to find out that that maybe just maybe President Obama and his administration were somehow involved in all of this as well? I mean, there was an effort to make sure Donald Trump never saw the Oval Office. [01:05:05][14.6]

GOHMERT: [01:05:05] Yep. And and you know, some of this was discussed in front of Obama and Biden both. So I think once we get the majority back, it will be critical to have a commission investigate Biden and Harris. How much did they know? When did they know it? How much did he forget because of dementia? We need to know all of those things. But. You know, this is such a dangerous time for this country. It’s quite possible, maybe even likely, that we will not recover from the amount of corruption that the Democratic Party has utilized and weak-kneed Republicans have not stood up against. But that’s why I’m coming back to Texas to run for attorney general. I’m quite concerned about losing Texas in the 2024 election to corruption, to illegal voting. And if we lose Texas, there is no route for a Republican to become president. So it’s important that we have a legal election that all those votes that are legal are counted, that no votes are disenfranchised. And we also have an issue at our southern border. They’re pouring people into Texas. In the U.S., it is an invasion. It’s like Pancho Villa. In 1916, he and some of his troops came in to Columbus, New Mexico. I think the best account there were 18 Americans killed. Some say as many as 25. But regardless, that was an invasion that caused President Wilson to send John Pershing and the U.S. Army chased Pancho Villa. Well, we don’t have to go into Mexico. We just need to repel the invasion at our border. And Texas is capable and has the resources it needs to do that and we ought to be doing it. That is perfectly legal under the US Constitution. Article four, Section four [01:07:24][138.8]

STARNES: [01:07:26] On the Patriot mobile newsmaker line. Our good buddy Congressman Louie Gohmert running to be the next attorney general of the State of Texas. In the meantime, congressman, there’s a lot of work to be done. You’ve got the situation in Ukraine. The president is going to be speaking on that about 3:30 Eastern Time today. Can I just tell you from my vantage point, this is just a weird sort of wag the dog kind of a story. I’m just not believing what we’re hearing now. [01:07:57][31.6]

GOHMERT: [01:08:00] Well, do you believe Biden or do you believe the president of Ukraine? Now the thing about in in and majored in history in college because I knew I would four years in the army, I’d do that before I did anything else. And I loved history. But historically speaking, when the leader of one country starts saying something is going to happen internationally, it’s not good and it keeps saying it. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when he said that, in essence, that Russia could have a minor invasion or incursion into Ukraine. He just tacitly gave approval for Russia to do that. That would have gotten Putin all excited, OK? He says. We’re going to do it. And that he was prepared to allow a minimal invasion. So, yeah, we’ve got the green light. And of course, when you are so well-informed, it was the secretary of state during Truman’s administration that made a comment about Korea being outside outside our defensive line, beyond our sphere of influence coupling. And the North Korea took that as a sign that the U.S. wouldn’t do anything if they went into South Korea. So here they came. Those kind of things say that they are self-fulfilling prophecies. They cause international incidents to happen under Trump. Of course, you had a leader that didn’t bluff. He said, well, he was going to do and he would do it. And the leaders of China and Russia and Iran knew he’s not just kidding. He’s very serious. But along comes Biden. They know they can push him around. He won’t do anything. And in fact, they know they know about American politics. They know he needs a distraction from what’s happening here. And so they’re giving him a distraction. [01:10:26][146.3]

STARNES: [01:10:28] Well, congresswoman, we’re going to leave it there. Good luck to you out there on the campaign trail. [01:10:32][4.9]

GOHMERT: [01:10:34] Well, thank you, Todd. This is for all the marbles, and that’s why I would leave what people said was a safe seat to run statewide. It looks good. It looks like there will likely be a runoff and that be patched in in May. And then when you finish making our case. But well, we got to save Texas so we can save the union. [01:10:55][21.5]

STARNES: [01:10:56] I’m not a Texan, but if I were, you’d have my vote. I can tell you that much right now. [01:11:00][3.9]

GOHMERT: [01:11:01] Well, thanks so much Todd. Thanks for having me on[01:11:03][2.3]

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