Rep. Mullin Fights to Expunge Dems’ ‘Political’ Impeachment of Trump

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) is pushing to expunge former President Trump of his first impeachment because Democrats used it for “political purposes.”

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Should Trump be expunged of his impeachment?

Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was a “perfectly good phone call” and Democrats sought impeachment for political reasons, Mullin said on the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday.

“They did exactly what our founding fathers were afraid of, that the impeachment process would be used for political purposes,” Mullin, who is also a Senate candidate in Oklahoma, told host Todd Starnes.

“What we’re trying to do is go back, you can’t totally erase it, but we’re trying to expunge it and say ‘there was no misdemeanor, there was no high crime, there was nothing to it other than the fact that the president was simply trying to make sure that American taxpayer dollars were not being used for corrupt purposes,’” Mullin explained.

Such an effort is rare. One example Mullin offered was in the 1830s and involved President Andrew Jackson’s censure being expunged.

“The Senate went back and said ‘this was for political purposes only’ and they expunged that,” said Mullin. “What we’re going back doing is saying the same thing. We’re expunging a politically impeached president and saying we’re going to right history and never allow something like this to ever take place again.”

Mullin went on to say the Republicans would have loved to impeach Obama, but they did not want to do it for political purposes.

“I wanted him to do something that was impeachable, and it is the same thing with Biden,” said Mullin. “However, impeaching Biden is like dancing with the devil because then you get stuck with Harris. I don’t know which is worse at that point. But you should never use your position for political gain.”

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