Rep. Nancy Mace to Pelosi: ‘Come and Get Me’

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Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s mask mandate Thursday on the Todd Starnes Show: “Come and get me.”

Pelosi ordered Capitol Police to arrest staff, visitors who refuse to comply with the new mask mandate inside the Capitol complex.

“So shocking and if they can arrest people on the Hill, imagine what they might do to everyday Americans,” Mace warned. “It is insane…utterly unAmerican.”

“It’s scary,” she said. “This is about power and not public health.”

Mace said she will wear a mask inside the chamber but will not wear one anywhere else on the Hill.

“I have four words for Speaker Pelosi. Come and get me,” Mace said. “I’m going to follow the science not Nancy Pelosi…Pelosi doesn’t get to answer for me or tell me what I have to wear or inject into my body.”

The South Carolina representative said House Republicans are “unified” on this stand.

Host Todd Starnes told Mace he would bail her out if she is arrested: “God forbid they arrest you and you need bail money, but if they do, I want you to call us. We’re happy to bail you, congresswoman.”

Listen to the show live.