Rep. Scott Perry Invites Pro-Lifer Targeted by FBI to SOTU

House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) invited a man who was wrongly targeted by President Biden’s DOJ to attend Tuesday’s State of The Union address.

Mark Houck, a devout Catholic and pro-life activist, was targeted by the FBI in an unjustified raid on his home in the middle of the night while he and his family were sleeping this summer.

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Perry joined the “Todd Starnes Show” Tuesday to share Houck’s story with Starnes’ listening audience.

“He was a protester at a Planned Parenthood location last year, last summer. And there was an altercation between him and one of the individuals that I guess assist, we’ll put it like that, at Planned Parenthood,” Perry told national radio host Todd Starnes. “And then the federal government decided to raid this Pennsylvania citizen’s home and haul him off to jail.”

The congressman added that the altercation began because the Planned Parenthood worker mistreated Houck’s son, who was with him at the protest.

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Perry explained that after Houck’s arrest, he was pressured to take a plea deal. Instead, he did not give in and was found not guilty of all charges.

Before being proven innocent, Houck faced up to 11 years in prison.

The Freedom Caucus chairman told Starnes he invited Houck to Biden’s address so that the president would have to “see” the people who have been victims of his administration’s weaponized federal government.

“President Biden needs to see these people that he has weaponized his government against,” Perry said. “They are citizens of the United States, and they have their rights given by God enshrined in the Constitution, not given by government, not given by Joe Biden.”

Houck called the invitation to attend the address an “honor.”

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“My wife and I are honored to be asked by the Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry to attend The State of The Union as his guests,” Houck said, according to the Daily Signal. “We hope our presence with members of Congress will continue to raise awareness about the injustice that was rendered against my family and others in recent months.”

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