Rep. Vicky Hartzler: I Will NEVER Delete Tweet Defending Female Athletes

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) told the Todd Starnes Show she is not going to bow down to Twitter for speaking out for girls’ sports.

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TODD STARNES: [00:24:06] Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler from the Great State of Missouri, she wrote on her Twitter page about Lia Thomas, the man who says he’s a woman who is crushing all of these female swimmers in the Ivy League. As a matter of fact, he broke five all-time records and won four championships in the Ivy League swimming and diving races just a couple of weeks ago. Nobody seems to care about the biological women here, which is the point Congresswoman Hartzler was trying to make on her Twitter page. And she joins us right now in the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Congresswoman, good to have you with us. [00:24:44][37.7]

Should men be able to compete in girls' sports?

VICKY HARTZLER: [00:24:44] Well, it’s good to be here, Todd. Thanks for having me. Since I can’t talk anymore on Twitter, so I appreciate the opportunity [00:24:49][4.9]

TODD: [00:24:50] Well you’re always welcome here, congresswoman, and I want you to explain to our audience why you decided to weigh in on this-on this big issue. [00:24:59][8.8]

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VICKY: [00:25:00] Well, I’m a former athlete myself. I went to a small town in Missouri, but it was very important to me to play basketball, volleyball, ran track and, you know, got some medals and that, you know, was important to me. And then I went on to be a teacher. And I had the opportunity to be a track coach for six years. And I just am so proud of all of these athletes who work so hard at these goals to achieve those dreams. And it just is wrong. It just is infuriating. Actually, how we are seeing so many girls having their dreams are just just squashed by this wokeness that has allowed biological males who wake up one morning and they think and they say, Well, now I’m a woman to be on these team teams with the girls to compete and to beat them, to take their medals. And, as you say, set those records. It is. It is just wrong. And I had an ad I’m running for the U.S. Senate. But where I point this out and talk about the most well-known example of this and this is this individual William Thomas, who has made himself a national figure by coming out and swimming on the men’s team at the University of Pennsylvania two years and then deciding and changing. You know, I’m really a woman and demanding to swim on the girls’ team and they’re letting him, and he’s the one that you referenced making having all these medals and winning all these things. And there are 16 girls on that team that sent an anonymous letter before the Ivy League championships just a couple of weeks ago, asking that they not be recognized. And they had to do it anonymously, their letter says through a lawyer, because they’ve been told if they speak out against their so-called teammate, then they’re going to be kicked off the team and they’ll never get a job. Why are they being the ones threatened to be kicked off the team? He should be the one that should never be allowed to be on the team in the first place. Those girls have a right to speak out. They have a right to compete. That’s what Title IX is. And that is just all being thrown away, thrown in the trash because of political wokeness. And so I’m just speaking what I think is common sense. I’m speaking up for girls all over this country, and Twitter thinks that’s hate speech, but I just think it’s common sense. [00:27:18][137.8]

TODD: [00:27:19] And so does The Associated Press. They actually called your comment on Twitter transphobic, but you were just speaking truth. You know, congresswoman, when we went back and looked at the records, Swimming World magazine did a deep dove into-into this guy. Back when he was swimming as a man, he was ranked five hundred and 54th in the nation. Now that he’s swimming with the girls, he’s ranked number one. So there’s really no denying that he has physical advantages over his female competitors. [00:27:52][32.8]

VICKY: [00:27:53] Well, these girls, in their letter, rightly said that the advantage is very stark, especially after you transition after puberty. They point out just then and it the difference in anatomy, and that he has greater height, greater arm length and reach in the stroke. Greater lung capacity, more muscle mass. Just common sense things that we know. There’s a difference physiologically between males and females. And he still has all of those capabilities, which are very important to swimming and to be able to win races, and there’s no way that a girl that has gotten up almost every morning since she’s five years old, gone to the pool, practice, practice, practice to make the high school team and then to be good enough to make a college team and then to try to get to their championship. There’s no way. Even with all of their training, she can compete against that. And it’s just wrong. And it’s just a lack of common sense. And I feel for these girls. And if we don’t put a stop to this now, then-then we’re not going to have girls sports as we know it now. And this political wokeness is just going to continue to take over the world and they will censor and silence anybody into submission who tries to speak out against it and is wrong [00:29:09][75.4]

TODD: [00:29:10] On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler from Missouri. She has been suspended by Twitter Now congresswoman, Twitter says we will let you back on, but you have to delete that offensive transphobic tweet. What are you going to do? [00:29:25][14.9]

VICKY: [00:29:26] I say no. I told them they could have their account back. I’m not going to take the ad down because it is common sense and it is right. And I am speaking up for millions of girls all over this country and their parents and others who, you know, I was contacted anonymously by a parent. I won’t go any further than that. She didn’t want to be identified because she’s afraid for her daughter on a-on a team. And, you know, so people are rallying. But it’s sad that you have to be quiet. You have to do things anonymously. You have to whisper, Boy, I support you. But boy, I don’t want to speak up because I’m going to get criticized or my daughter’s going to be hurt on her team. Wow. Who? Whoever I mean, thought that we would be here? Yeah, I feel like the children’s book that I used to read my daughter when she was little, the emperor’s new clothes. I feel like we’re living in that world where everybody was afraid to tell the emperor that these guys were fooling them and that he really didn’t have any clothes until it was a parade. And a little boy spoke up says, “Why is the king not wearing any clothes?” And we were living in a time where you can’t speak up, but somebody needs to. And so I guess I’m being that little boy saying girls’ sports should be for girls, not men pretending to be girls. [00:30:43][77.5]

TODD: [00:30:44] What do you think the end game of all of this is? [00:30:47][3.0]

VICKY: [00:30:49] Well, it’s going to be the ruination of girls’ sports. It’s going to be the silencing of conservatives or anyone who has, I think it’s common sense views. But Christian views, as well as it relates to sexuality, is relates to marriage. We’ve seen this in other countries. We’ve had pastors in Canada who preached on biblical version of marriage that were arrested. We’ve seen this Finnish parliamentarian from Finland who spoke up and she’s been arrested. She’s on trial because she spoke out and wrote a pamphlet about what she thinks the biblical view of marriage is. And this is a frightening place where just because you hold a biblical worldview that you should be arrested, you should be silenced, you should be put on trial. It’s just hard to believe this is in America, so. But to your point that people are speaking up, I’m getting so much support from all over for speaking up for my ad and my stance. And I think I’m speaking for millions of Americans who share this belief, and it’s time for us to speak up and say, we’re not going to put up with this censorship. [00:31:57][67.9]

TODD: [00:31:58] Well, I think what it says is that you are a courageous person because there are a good many conservatives who no longer want to speak out on that because they know what’s going to happen. But you have. You have considered the cost and you have chosen to take a stand. And I think people, especially in the show me state, are going to admire that and are going to support you in your bid for the U.S. Senate Congresswoman [00:32:24][26.3]

VICKY: [00:32:24] Well, I hope so. I think we are at a very important point in our nation and where we could go in two different directions. And that’s why I’m running for the Senate because we’re in crisis and we have got to take back our country. We’ve got to stand up and protect those freedoms that made this country great freedoms of speech, freedom to assembly, freedom to to live our lives without government telling us or somebody who is thinks they’re the best arbiter of truth to determine what we can say, where we can go, what we can do, what job we can have, whether we have to have a shot or not, or wear a mask or not. I mean, this is a very, very serious time, and it’s time for us to rise up and take our freedoms back to take a stand. And I feel confident we will in November. But this isn’t over yet. It’s going to be a long-term fight and we’ve got to speak the truth in love. We don’t mean ill on anyone, but certainly we need to speak up in love for what is right. [00:33:24][60.1]

TODD: [00:33:25] Well said, all right, Congresswoman, we appreciate the time you spent with us. We have links to your website over in our live show blog and thanks for fighting the good fight. [00:33:33][8.4]

VICKY: [00:33:34] You bet. Thanks for allowing me to be on Todd. Appreciate it. [00:33:37][3.2]

TODD: [00:33:38] All right, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, brave lady[00:33:41][3.4]

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