Republicans Support Restaurant Shut Down by DC Mayor

A restaurant owner in Washington, D.C. is pleading to keep his business open after Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) shut it down.

The Big Board had a closure notice put up on their door by the D.C. Health Department. The restaurant was one of the few refusing to ask for a COVID vaccine card in order to enter and eat there. 

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On Saturday, The Big Board had their liquor license suspended. They have already been fined and as a result, a GoFundMe was set up in order to help the restaurant stay open.  

Owner of The Big Board, Eric Flannery met with GOP lawmakers and discussed how heartbroken he is that his restaurant isn’t open.

 “We’re not doing anything wrong,” Flannery said. “We are treating everyone with respect. There’s not been any bad instances here. It just hasn’t happened.”

“When people walk into this place we get them and sit them down and get them a drink and a beer,” Flannery continued. “That’s it. We get them food-really good food.”

As of now, The Big Board has not said whether or not they will be pursuing legal action or if they can. 

“I just know that I’m doing the right thing,” Flannery ended. “And this place is supposed to be open.”