‘RETIRE!’: Crowd Heckles McConnell in Kentucky

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While there were those cheering Saturday for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., social media noted the jeers and chants drowned out the entirety of his 5:15 minute speech to the Fancy Farm Picnic.

Boos, “retire,” “shame on you,” and “ditch Mitch” were all featured in the disapproval of McConnell’s speech.

“I AGREE!” former President Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social on Sunday, mocking the anti-Trump Senate leader. “BOOOOO — RETIRE, RETIRE, RETIRE — BOOOOO!!!” Click here to follow Todd on Truth Social.

As McConnell began, protesters noted with a chant: “lost the Senate, lost the Senate, lost the Senate,” criticism heaped on him by Trump, who has long said that McConnell’s lack of support for Trump-endorsed candidates proved costly in the midterms.

The Associated Press seemed to minimize in their report the boos and pinned them on Democrats.

“It’s not hard for Republicans to look good these days,” McConnell said as boos rained down.

Then a “re-tire-er” chant broke out for the 81-year-old lawmaker, who froze in his last Senate GOP leadership news conference before leaving for August recess.


Should Mitch McConnell retire?

“I know something about beating Beshears, and let me tell you, Andy makes the dad look like a Republican,” McConnell said, referring to the Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear, who is seeking reelection and a GOP challenge from Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

“Steve Beshear, his dad, thought woke was what he did from his nightmare Senate race in 1996. But Andy, he speaks liberal with a California accent.”

That was followed by a chant of “shame on you,” which Trump hmself has said in a break from McConnell after the 2020 presidential election.The crowd also brought back the famed “Ditch Mitch” chant.

“Total humiliation,” Benny Johnson tweeted, sharing the video of the chants and boos.

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