Reuters Reporter Triggered By American Flag

Allen Moro

A woke Reuters reporter said people carrying American flags near the Capitol gave her a “wave” of anxiety.

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Do you think Zengerle is out-of-touch?

“Yikes,” Reuters reporter Patricia Zengerle tweeted. “Just saw this gang walking around the Capitol and had a wave of #Jan6 anxiety.”

Her comment was paired with a photo of seven peaceful protestors carrying American flags and a sign that read, “1776 RestorationMovement.com.”

Zengerle’s ridiculous post received a barrage of negative comments. In addition to attracting national attention, the reporter managed to draw harsh criticism from many users on Twitter.

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Commenters highlighted her tweet as an example of the disconnect between the mainstream media and the American people.

“I appreciate Patricia displaying so efficiently how absurd everyone who panicked about 1/6 really is. A half dozen senior citizens with bad hips waving American flags is about as dangerous as 1/6 was,” one user wrote.

Another comment mocking Zengerle became very popular, “I can understand your fear – the old lady back there carrying a flag larger than her own body must be an absolute beast.”

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Zengerle did not respond to the criticism, but she did make it so only her followers could comment on her post.

The next Jan. 6 committee public hearing is scheduled for next week, per the Blaze media.


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