‘Ringleader of Pile-on’: Kathy Barnette SLAMS Hannity as Leader of Opposition Campaign

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Kathy Barnette told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Monday that Fox News host Sean Hannity is leading the charge against her.

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Is Kathy Barnette the right choice for Pennsylvania's GOP Senate candidate?

Hannity has used his primetime show to criticize Barnette while supporting the Trump-endorsed candidate in the race, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Barnette challenged Hannity to use his show for a live debate between her and Oz, but she said Hannity said no.

“And yet every single night, you know, he’s the ringleader of this pile-on of Kathy Barnette,” she told host Todd Starnes.

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“You know, he’s like, we just have questions. We have questions. And yet I said, ‘Sean, I’m clearing my calendar. 9pm I will come see you. Sit in your studio and you can ask me all these riveting questions you have down,’ and he told me no,” she added.

“Kathy Barnette is now facing a massive and evolving scandal over her past beliefs, her past comments, her past tweets, and her actions and inconsistencies that she seems unwilling to answer,” Hannity told viewers Monday night.

The latest Emerson College Poll of likely Republican voters shows Oz got a Trump bump Sunday with 28%, and Barnette with 24% and David McCormick trailing with 21%.

The smear campaign comes as Barnette’s campaign is peaking just ahead of the Tuesday primary.

Oz, a Muslim himself, said over the weekend that Barnette should be disqualified for a tweet from 2015 which said “pedophilia” was a fundamental tenet of Islam.

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Barnette told Starnes that she is the real conservative in the race and she looks forward to getting Trump’s phone call on Tuesday night and working with him on Wednesday.

She pointed listeners to her campaign website in a section called “Things You Want to Know” to combat the criticism about gaps in her record.


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