Ronna McDaniel Re-Elected as RNC Chair

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Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel won re-election Friday after months of contentious fighting within the party from conservatives who argued that she was a Republican in name only.

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After votes were counted from the secret ballot of 168 members from all 50 states, it was announced that McDaniel won 111 votes over her two challengers.

Conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon received 51 votes and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell received four votes.

“After a hard-fought effort, we unfortunately came up short. However, the RNC will be better for the tough conversations that were desperately needed about how to reform the RNC to win elections and earn the trust of our voters, activists, and donors,” Dhillon said in a statement. “I have been a volunteer Republican activist at all levels for decades and my ultimate goal is simply a better Republican Party that wins elections. I look forward to continue working with the RNC, and our base around the country. I deeply appreciate the immense outpouring of support that I have received over the last two months. It is critical for our chances in 2024 that those who supported my campaign rally around our party and its candidates so we can win elections and deliver badly-needed results for the millions of Americans suffering under the far-left agenda of Biden, Schumer, and their cronies bent upon the destruction of the America we know and love.”

McDaniel received a standing ovation.


“With all of us united, the Democrats are going to hear from us in 2024,” McDaniel said.

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