Sara Carter: “We’re In Serious Trouble” If Justice Doesn’t Prevail After FBI Probe

Investigative journalist Sara Carter said it hasn’t been easy reporting on turmoil within U.S. intelligence agencies, especially as establishment media headlines have often supported only one side of the story.

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“Reporting stories – when The New York Times and The Washington Post are saying something else – was really quite difficult,” Carter told The Todd Starnes Show, broadcast live from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

“But I believed in it, and I believe that the truth does eventually take over,” she added.

Carter – a Fox News contributor – has largely centered her work around controversial events in the intelligence community. Carter says she covers the difficult government stories because she loves America and wants the truth to prevail. Click here for her entire radio interview with Todd Starnes.

“I love my country. And because I believe in this country, that we expose the truth and let the American people decide what needs to be done. And let them see it for themselves,” she told Starnes.

To counteract critics of her work, Carter said she pushes the negative noise away.

“Push the noise aside. Stay forward, knowing that everything we’ve put out there is truthful. It’s been based on fact. It’s been backed up by documents and backed up by sources,” Carter continued.

Carter told Starnes that her work has been vindicated.

“I know that the work that I’ve done … it’s solid,” Carter said. “The unmaskings of American citizens. Warrantless surveillance. There’s a lot of things that we still have to unravel.”

“This reporting has been vindicated,” she added, noting that even FBI Director Christopher Wray has said the scandals she covers should never have taken place.

“I believe that John Durham is conducting a thorough, widespread investigation. We know it’s taken him overseas,” she told Starnes.

Durham is the U.S. Attorney investigating the origins of the FBI Russia probe. “He’s looking at the various aspects of what happened during the Russia probe, Russia hoax, and what’s happened to America over the last three years, the amount of time and money and investment that we’ve spent.”

“I believe in my heart that justice will be served,” she told Starnes. “And if not, I think we’re in serious trouble.”