Secret Service Has Biden’s Visitor Logs, Rep. Comer Tells Starnes

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told the “Todd Starnes Show” the Secret Service has President Biden’s visitor logs, and they are willing to share them with the committee.

“It looks like the White House is playing a game of words with us,” Comer said to national radio host Todd Starnes. “You know when they said there were no official visitor logs? Well, you know, the Secret Service had notes, they had correspondence, they had something.”

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The chairman added that the White House deceitfully acted like Biden did not have Secret Service protection during the time in question regarding the classified documents found in the garage of his Delaware home.

“Because, you know, what the White House tried to imply was that Joe Biden didn’t have Secret Service protection when he was a private citizen. That’s not true. When he became a candidate for president, he had Secret Service and he had Secret Service for several months after he was vice president. So they haven’t been truthful about any records of who was in and out of that house,” Comer added.

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TODD STARNES: [01:25:20] Let’s go right now to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Good to have with us, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Congressman James Comer. Congressman, great to have you with us today. [01:25:30][9.4]

Do you think Biden will be held accountable for his misconduct with classified documents?

REP. JAMES COMER (R-KY): [01:25:31] Great to be back. [01:25:31][0.5]

STARNES: [01:25:32] You know, Congressman, the debt ceiling debate is pretty is pretty loud right now in the media. People are warning of an economic apocalypse. How do you think this is going to go? Do you believe the Republicans are going to be able to hold the line in the House? [01:25:48][16.4]

COMER: [01:25:49] Well, I think the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House are serious about spending cuts. I mean, somebody has to be the adult in the room and say we cannot continue down this road of deficit spending. We can’t continue to spend over $1,000,000,000,000 a year more than we take in because of the inflation, which happened, by the way, because of excessive government spending. Our debt service is now going to be a significant percentage of our budget because we owe so much money. Somebody is going to have to get serious about spending cuts. And I think the Republicans in the House, the majority of us, 200 plus are going to stick together on that and say, look, we’ll go along with the increase in the debt limit only because the bills are due and you’ve already you know, there’s really no other option here if you promise meaningful spending cuts. And if they’re unwilling to do that, then we’re going to have a problem. But, you know, all these politicians, even Democrats, run for office and say, we’re going to make government live within its means. And then they get to Washington and they continue to spend and spend and spend. And that’s what unites Democrats. That’s why Democrats didn’t take six days to elect a speaker, because what keeps them happy is spending money, spending taxpayer money. If you’re unhappy with Nancy Pelosi, we’ll give you more earmarks, we’ll give you more social programs, will increase food stamps, you know, whatever you need, we’ll do it because who cares? It’s not our money. And, you know, that day has come to where somebody’s got to stand up for the American people and say, we’ve got to live within our means. And that’s what Republicans in the House are willing to do on the debt ceiling. [01:27:34][104.8]

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STARNES: [01:27:35] Congressman, I want to read something that Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume said about you. He says that you run the risk of overstating the investigations that your committee is going to be conducting into Joe Biden. How do you respond to a Brit Hume over at Fox? [01:27:50][15.7]

COMER: [01:27:51] Well, I like Brit Hume. I’ve never met him, but I’ve watched him over the years. And I agree that that could be a problem. But what he was referring to is, in fact, I’ve been on Fox a lot lately, and I think we’re seeing a return on their investment, because if you look at in the last 48 hours, CNN and CBS have been just as hard on the Biden administration over the things that I’m talking about, the anonymous donations to the Biden Center for Diplomacy from China over the mishandling of the classified documents and the fact that Hunter Biden lived there a year and a half and all the national security risks that he possesses. So I think that getting the message out that this is very serious and there’s a reason we’re investigating Joe Biden. It is because we believe that the adversaries around the world, our adversaries around the world who have given the Biden family millions of dollars through the Biden Center for Diplomacy through Hunter’s shady business dealings, through Hunter’s artwork. They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their heart. They want a return on their investment. And what exactly is Hunter Biden doing to justify all of this money? What exactly is Joe Biden doing to justify all this money that China keeps sending their way? And, you know, it needs to be looked into. At the very least, it needs to be looked into. So we’re you know, I wish he hadn’t said it, but I think that it’s important that the message be delivered, that look, this is very serious. There’s just too much money that’s changed hands from China to the Bidens for them not to expect anything in return. And we need to make sure that there is nothing in those documents that would be of a value of the most concerning to me is what was in there pertaining to Ukraine, because that’s a whole nother issue of liability that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden has with respect to that shady business deal with Burisma in Ukraine. [01:30:02][131.0]

STARNES: [01:30:03] And the challenge here is in my response to Brett, who, you know, we were colleagues for a number of years. There’s a lot to investigate around the Biden crime syndicate. [01:30:13][9.7]

COMER: [01:30:16] And well, remember, no one’s investigated Joe Biden for the first two years of his presidency. They’ve spent all this foreign aid. They sent all this money to Ukraine, they’ve spent all this COVID money, all this stimulus money. And there hasn’t been a single hearing in the House or Senate to see if there was any waste. You think there wasn’t waste with the unemployment insurance extentions they kept? Don’t you think there wasn’t waste with the money they sent to all the school systems in America that was supposed to go to make the schools safer from COVID 19? I don’t think they spent hardly a penny on COVID 19. It was just more money, more taxpayer money, deficit spending that these government agencies spent. And they thought, well, nobody cares. You know, nobody’s providing a check and balance. We’ll just spend it any way we want. That changed when the Republicans took over the House and they’re just going to have to get used to the Democrats in this administration to have an oversight. So not only do we have normal oversight, we’re two years behind in oversight. [01:31:18][61.8]

STARNES: [01:31:18] Congressman, I’m curious to get your take on the visitors log. The White House says no visitors log, didn’t keep one. We don’t know who was coming and going in Wilmington. Secret Service, according to Fox, says, oh, we know we kept a record. They say they’re more than willing to provide that information. Has anyone in your committee reached out to the Secret Service? [01:31:39][20.6]

COMER: [01:31:39] We’re in the process of doing that now. It looks like the White House is playing a game of words with us. You know, when they said there were no official visitor logs? Well, you know, the Secret Service had notes, they had correspondence, they had something. Because, you know, what the White House tried to imply was that Joe Biden didn’t have Secret Service protection when he was a private citizen. That’s not true. When he became a candidate for president, he had Secret Service and he had Secret Service for several months after he was vice president. So they haven’t been truthful about any records of who was in and out of that house. We know the Secret Service vetted people. Joe Biden spent the whole campaign in the basement of that house, which was smart on his part, right? He didn’t have to, you know, go in front of the people and answer questions and look like he probably wasn’t up to the job and things like that. So there are a lot of people that were in and out of that house that were around those documents. And then, you know, I’m not buying the whole story that when Joe Biden moved out of the vice president’s office, that they took some documents and took them to the Biden Center for Diplomacy and then they took some documents and put them in the garage at his house, you know, you would believe that there’s a real possibility that all the documents were sent to the Biden Center for Diplomacy, and then somebody took some boxes with them to the house and stuck them in the garage after they were looking through them. I mean, that’s what you would assume. That’s what we’re trying to find out. And we want to know not only who had access to that house, but did someone move those documents, which more than likely they did. [01:33:20][100.8]

STARNES: [01:33:20] Congressman, I’ve got about 30 seconds here. I’m curious, have any Democrats, any members of the Biden administration, have they reached out independently to you or your committee to offer any sort of tips? [01:33:31][10.8]

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COMER: [01:33:33] No one in the administration has, but there are a lot of people with the FBI. We’re starting to see people from other government agencies. And I think you’re seeing an example of this with the Secret Service. They’re pretty frustrated that this administration’s not being truthful and they don’t want to get, you know, pinned with the blame for some of this wrongdoing. So I think there’s something positive happening here. I think you’re going to start seeing people from the National Archives, people from the FBI, people from the Secret Service step up and offer to assist the oversight committee with our investigations. [01:34:06][32.5]

STARNES: [01:34:06] All right. Good stuff. Congressman, appreciate your great work. And I know we’ll get your back very soon. Appreciate your time this afternoon. [01:34:12][5.2]

COMER: [01:34:13] Thanks for having me. [01:34:13][0.5]

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