Senate Bill Includes $350 Million for “Refugee & Migration Assistance”

OPINION: The coronavirus relief bill in the U.S. Senate includes $350 million for “migration and refugee assistance.”

What that has to do with providing funding for the American people or resolving the coronavirus crisis was not explained.

That’s $350 million that will not be given to hard-working American families or small business that are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

Even more hard to believe is this kind of nonsense is being presented by a Republican-controlled Senate.

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The massive spending bill also includes:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting ($75 million): For stabilization grants to maintain programming services and to preserve small and rural public telecommunication stations.
  • Institute for Museum and Library Services ($50 million): For digital access and technical support services.
  • Railroad Retirement Board ($5 million): To improve the mobility of the workforce and administer the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.
  • Social Security Administration (SSA) ($300 million): To help SSA keep up with key workloads, make up for lost productivity, and otherwise improve the ability of the agency to serve the public.