Senate Republicans Stand With Democrats, Betray American People

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A growing number of Senate Republicans have announced they will stand with the Democrats in opposition to President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

The latest to betray the American people is Sen. Mitt Romney.

“This is not a vote against border security. In fact, I agree that a physical barrier is urgently needed to help ease the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, and the administration already has $4.5 billion available within existing authority to fund a barrier – even without an emergency declaration,” he said.

The senator is foolish. Today’s vote is indeed a vote against border security.

Here’s the list as it now stands and we will be updating it throughout the radio show.

Romney (UT)

Lee (UT)

Collins (ME)

Paul (KY)

Murkowski (AK)

Tillis (NC)

Alexander (TN)

Moran (KS)

Contact your senator right now and tell them to support the national emergency! Call (202) 224-3121.