SHOCKING REPORT: At Least 160,000 Illegals Released into America SINCE MARCH

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The Biden administration has released at least 160,000 illegal aliens into the country since March, according to leaked Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News.

Reacting to the shocking report, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday the number is probably much higher in reality.

“It’s outrageous,” Biggs told host Todd Starnes, adding, “I think that’s a low number to be honest based on the numbers that I’ve tracked…so I think it could be one and a half to two times that.”

“This is a crisis on the border. It is a calamity…but don’t forget you have 70-100,000 illegal aliens entering the country that are called ‘got aways’ every month as well, so you have this massive amount of people that are coming in illegally and that doesn’t include the millions-plus we allow in legally,” Biggs said. “We’re not tracking them for COVID, we’re not tracking them for any diseases, communicable diseases, and we’re not tracking and vetting them to find out who’s dangerous and who is not. We don’t know if they’ve committed a crime in the U.S. previously. We don’t know where else they may have committed a crime.”

Biggs said the border communities are taking the brunt of it but noted that a flight with a hundred children had over half test positive for COVID and still put them on a plane to California.

“This administration wants to crack down on American citizens and legal residents with mandates on vaccines but they want to release illegal aliens into the country with no supervision whatsoever with regards to vaccines,” Biggs concluded.

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