Speaker Johnson Consulted with Democrats & God Before Bolting From GOP

Many conservatives are still reeling from House Speaker Mike Johnson’s decision to turn his back on the Republican caucus and embrace House Democrats.

Johnson and the Democrats approved a nearly $100 billion foreign aid package that provides funding for Israel and Taiwan – but the bulk of the money is going to Ukraine – some $61 billion.

Johnson also buried $9 billion in aid to Gaza – meaning that money will be confiscated by Hamas.

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Not a single penny, by the way, to secure our border – a promise that the speaker made over and over again.

So why did Speaker Johnson abandon his own party and his promise?

It turns out the Speaker made his decision after consulting with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and then God. In that order.

In a phone call that has not been previously reported, Johnson said he was ready to act on foreign aid, even though that would enrage Republicans who did not support additional assistance to Ukraine and could potentially cost him his job, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN.

Jeffries pressed Johnson on how many Republicans he could deliver to support the aid for Ukraine, knowing House Democrats would have to bring the rest, the source added.

But when Johnson returned to Washington, DC, on Monday plotting his path forward, he was faced with an onslaught of attacks from many of his GOP colleagues.

The Louisiana Republican quickly began hearing an earful from hardline conservatives, coming to realize his risky gambit of holding separate votes on aid for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan – and later tying those bills together in one package without including conservative demands over stricter border policies – could trigger a snap vote to remove him as speaker.

On Tuesday, Johnson sat in his office as members streamed in to voice their complaints and level their demands. By nighttime, he was wrestling how to proceed. Feeling the weight of his future and knowing history was watching him, Johnson, a devout Christian, turned to prayer.


Congressman Michael McCaul, a top Ukraine advocate, told CNN that Johnson petitioned the Almighty for guidance.

“He was torn between trying to save his job and do the right thing,” McCaul said. “He prayed over it.”

In other words, God apparently told Speaker Johnson to give $9 billion to Gaza and $61 billion to Ukraine and to ignore the invasion of our nation.

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Do you believe that God told Speaker Johnson to partner with the Democrats to provide funding for Ukraine?

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