STARNES: Dems Are Looking For Any Reason To Kick Biden Out Of Office

National radio host Todd Starnes told his audience that Democrats may try to use President Biden’s positive COVID test to boot him from office.

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Do you think Dems want to kick Biden out of office?

“Just speculating here, but I think the Democrats are looking for any reason to force the president out of office using either the 25th Amendment or some sort of a health crisis. And this could certainly be that opportunity,” Starnes told guest host Jeff Stein Friday.

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Additionally, Starnes suggested COVID vaccines and boosters may be contributing to Biden’s cognitive decline.

He’s been double boosted, and he came down with the China virus. And my question would be, have the vaccines had any sort of an impact on the president’s mental decline of late?

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Further, Starnes told the audience that shortly after the president’s COVID test result, “President Harris” was trending on Twitter.

While he was critical of the Biden administration, Starnes did say that he is praying for Biden and wished him a speedy recovery.

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