STARNES: Gun Reform Bill is ‘Trojan Horse’ to Take Second Amendment Rights

National radio host Todd Starnes blasted the Senate Republicans who sided with Democrats to pass a bill he called a “Trojan horse” for a gun grab in America.

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Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs live weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

Todd Starnes: [00:01:41] Last night, something pretty disturbing happened up on Capitol Hill. And we need to talk about this because there is trouble in the Republican Party. Now, we know that the Republicans are known to go wobbly. No doubt about it. And yesterday we had 14 Senate Republicans, led by John Cornyn of Texas, go wobbly. They sided with the Democrats and they are pushing through this anti-gun, this gun control legislation. Now, what’s what’s fascinating about this legislation, there’s really nothing in the legislation that would have prevented the most recent mass shootings. None whatsoever. Now, look, I don’t have a problem with background checks. I don’t have a problem with with exposing a child’s juvenile record. I think those kinds of things are important. The problem I have here with this gun control legislation is the red flag law component. Now, under the plan that the Republicans signed on to, these Republicans In Name Only, they agreed to provide block grants to allow states to set up these red flag laws. What does this mean for you? Well, this is the open door to your gun safe, ladies and gentlemen. Now, the Republicans will tell you and Mitch McConnell, Senator Turtle Face himself from Kentucky, will tell you that, no, this is all about stopping the mass shootings. But that’s not true. This is the Trojan horse. This is the opportunity for the government to go in and to confiscate your guns. Now, there are going to be a lot of Republicans and moderate Republicans out there who say that Starnes, that’s a load of hooey. You’re you’re speaking out the wazoo. But that is not true. And we have evidence to back up what what I’m about to share with you. This is the evidence that we need to be talking about. So a couple of weeks ago, there was a story out of Virginia where a man who complained to his school board about the transgender bathrooms, got a knock on the door from the FBI. Somebody called and complained about him. This guy, a law abiding citizen, he was engaging in his First Amendment rights. He went to a school board. He raised his issues and went home. Somebody filed a report. They come knocking at the door. What did they do? They confiscated this guy’s weapons. He hadn’t been charged with a crime. He hasn’t been he hasn’t done anything wrong. All he did was speak his mind at the local school board. Now, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and this is from Reclaim the Net, dawg. They shared the Twitter messages. The Pennsylvania governor shared an infographic of how citizens posting photos of guns on social media could lead to the court confiscating your weapons. As a matter of fact, just in case just in case it’s not clear. And by the way, we’re posting this on our website. Governor Tom Wolf on his official Twitter page, posted a graphic and he explained, this is how the red flag laws work. You write something on social media, you post a photo of a gun, you post a cryptic message. Guess what? Somebody is going to show up at your front door and take away your guns. And here’s how it works. This is Jane. They use a woman named Jane. Jane’s social media contact, Randi, posts photos of guns and cryptic messages. Jane calls the police. The police petition the court to remove Randi’s guns. The police provide evidence that Randy is a danger to himself or others. The court agrees, and temporarily removes Randi’s weapons. Folks, this is a Pandora’s box that the Republicans are opening here. And you better believe. You better believe, and especially in left leaning states, that this process will be abused. But again, none of these proposals none of the proposals would have stopped what happened in Uvalde, Texas. As a matter of fact, the proposal says nothing about what happens when the police show up at a shooting and are too scared to stop the shooter. Nobody addresses that in this legislation. Nobody says anything about what happens to the police when they are derelict in their responsibilities and their duties. Nobody says anything about that. So, look, Senator John Cornyn and these renegade Republicans, I’ve got their names on our website and I hope that you take the time to pick up the phone today and call these senators and give them a piece of your mind about their attacks on our Second Amendment. Now, I’m going to say something here, and it may rankle a lot of Republicans, but honestly, I don’t care because it needs to be said. How many times have these Republicans been out there campaigning, making all these promises to us? They get to Washington and what do they do? They bow down and they worship and kissed the feet of the Democrats. It happens over and over and over again. I mean, it’s not even surprising. It’s almost like, I don’t know, I feel like the relationship is like a battered wife syndrome, right? Where you keep getting smacked around and you keep going back to the party. That’s exactly what the Republican leadership is doing to us time after time after time after time. And they don’t care. Now, the Democrats, they get out there and they campaign on things like, you know what, if you put me in office, we’re going to we’re going to take away everybody’s guns. If you if you elect me, we’re going to we’re going to attack conservatives on social media. We’re going to shut down their voices. If you elect me, we’re going to put little boys who identify as girls in your daughter’s bathrooms and shower stalls. And you know what happens? As ludicrous as those things are and as outrageous as those things are, guess what happens when they get elected? They follow through on their campaign promises. Let me ask you a question. Just think about this. John Cornyn. If John Cornyn, the Republican from Texas, if he actually campaigned and and said, you know what, folks, I’m a Republican, I’m a God fearing Republican, but I think we need to ban guns in America. How many Republicans in Texas do you think would be voting for John Cornyn? [00:08:10][388.2]

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[00:08:12] By the way, there’s a report out. John Cornyn. And this, I believe, is coming from Axios. John Cornyn says that amnesty is next on the table. So let me ask you and I’m not surprised by that. I’m really not surprised. I’m not surprised. The RINO’s would rather put the well-being of the illegal alien ahead of the law abiding, taxpaying American citizen. I’m not surprised by that. But we kind of expect that with the with with this with this brand of of Republican. But here’s what here’s what really kills me about these these rhinos. They expect all the rest of us to bowed out and worship them. They expect all of us to just sit down, shut up, sit in our campaign dollars in and donations and just deal with it. Just just suck it up. And then when the Republicans when the conservatives get in charge, all of a sudden we become the bad guys. But the rhinos for the rhinos, it’s always their way or the highway for the rhinos. If they don’t get their way, they’ll sabotage you. They did this to Donald Trump. They did every single day of his presidency. The rhinos did that because their person was not picked. Who is their person? It was Jeb. Jeb Bush was their guy. No, it wasn’t Ted Cruz. It was Jeb. That’s who they wanted. So this is where we are right now, where you have John Cornyn of Texas. And again, going back to John Cornyn. Look, if if he wants to if he is anti-gun, that’s fine. It’s America, be anti-gun. But at least be honest with your constituents. Go out there on the campaign trail. And I would just like to see these RINOs be honest. I mean, these are really despicable people because they’re not honest. Go out on the campaign trail, you 14 rhinos. Go out there and say, you know what, I’m a Republican and I want to take your guns away. Go out on the campaign trail and say, I’m a Republican. I want to give amnesty to every illegal in America. You know what? I would respect you at that point. Yeah, I know you’re a far left lunatic, but at least you at least you’re honest with your voters. I mean, we’re talking about 14 individuals who are dishonest, and that’s a problem. I mean, even Liz Cheney is is conservative on the issue of guns. I mean, come on. Geez-a-loo, America. So here we go. And this is a tough one here, folks. I mean, it’s a tough one. But all you people out there, you’re going to have a decision to make in the fall. Who do you vote for? I mean, you just think about this. You’ve got an anti-gun Democrat and an anti-gun Republican. Who do you vote for? By the way, you want to talk about getting snookered, Dr. Oz? Axios made an interesting observation about old Dr. Oz. Now that he’s the official nominee, the Trump endorsed candidate, by the way, old Dr. Oz who spent his entire life, his entire life being anti-gun. Dr. Oz, who spent his entire his entire professional career endorsing transgender reassignment surgery, and they came out and told us, no, no, no, this is the guy. Dr. Oz is the gun toting, Bible clinging, Trump conservative. This is the real conservative. Axios now reporting that Dr. Oz has stripped all of the Trump verbiage from his campaign platforms. What does that tell you, ladies and gentlemen? It tells me that if Dr. Oz was in the US Senate, we would have 15 Republicans we’d be talking about, not 14. So what do you do on Election Day? Do you cast your ballot for a Democrat who says they’re going to keep their campaign promises or the RINO who breaks their campaign promises? Who do you vote for? I got to tell you, and this is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever had to say. But those far left Democrats, the ones who go out there and want to destroy America and campaign on that, and then they get elected and they deliver on those those promises. Those Democrats are actually more trustworthy than those 14 RINOs who betrayed Republican voters. This is not about hear me, hear me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not about guns. This is not about amnesty. This is about keeping your word. That’s what this is about. It’s about keeping your word. And if we can’t find Republican candidates who can keep their word, then we may as well just pack up and call it a day. [00:12:49][276.6]

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