STARNES: Hunter Probe Smells Like Backed-up Port-a-Potty at Chili Cook-off

It was a great honor to host the 10 p.m. hour on Newsmax last night and I wasted little time in unraveling the real truth behind the Hunter Biden special counsel story. Watch my opening monologue below and click here to join my private Facebook group for conservatives!

And here’s a partial transcript:

And just like that – the fix is in. Hello, America. I’m Todd Starnes in for Greg Kelly. Merrick Garland announcing that the man who colluded with Hunter Biden’s lawyers to work out a sweetheart plea deal has been appointed special counsel to investigate the president’s son.

Folks, this stinks worse than a backed-up port-a-potty at a chili cook-off.

An attorney for Hunter Biden told The New York Times that they had full faith in the investigation. Well of course they do – the cake is already baked.

Congressman Jim Jordan – the chairman of House Judiciary, who is also investigating Joe Biden – condemned the move:

“David Weiss can’t be trusted and this is just a new way to whitewash the Biden family’s corruption. Weiss has already signed off on a sweetheart plea deal that was so awful and unfair that a federal judge rejected it.”

Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time on a felony gun charge. That deal fell apart – leading to the special counsel. Had a regular American faced similar charges – they would be spending at least a decade in jail. Do you see how this works? It’s a two-tier justice system.

But… there are some new developments in Hunter’s plea deal anyway. In a court filing today we learned that the negotiations are at a stand still

So will we get a chance of justice with Hunter Biden or will this end just like everything else seems to do when it comes to the Bidens… ignored and swept under the rug with the establishment media paying no mind to it at all

Besides the sheer absurdity of this special counsel appointment, there are also lots of question over the legality of appointing Weiss. The rules say you can’t be selected as a special counsel if you work for the government.

We can’t call this a coverup – because the Biden Justice Department is not even trying to cover anything up. They’re literally thumbing their nose at the American people. They know they can get away with it.

How many times have Republicans had the opportunity to step in and put a stop to the Soviet-style behavior of Garland and his henchmen at the FBI? How many times? They cracked down on law-abiding gun owners and the Republicans did nothing. They staged pre-dawn, guns-drawn raids on pro-life leaders. And again – the Republicans did nothing. They even went after parents who complained about their kids being taught deviant behavior in the classroom – and still – the Republicans did nothing.

The Democrats tried to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. Then, they tried to overthrow a duly elected president on trumped up charges. They staged a guns-drawn raid at Mar-a-Lago. Lots of indignation – but republican leadership seems either unwilling or unable to defend President Trump or do what is right by the American people.

Instead, they sit back and watch the swamp and establishment media spin lies and convict Trump in the court of public opinion… because according to them Trump is the true threat to democracy, not the double standard of justice in our country

Well, I take that back – the Republicans did hold hearings. Lots and lots of hearings. And they issued lots of statements. But as of 10 o-clock eastern – not a single Biden official has been impeached. No one has been held accountable. But gotta give the Republicans credit – they can hold one heck of a great hearing.

But as of today, Congressman Greg Steube of Florida introduced articles of impeachment against Joe Biden – bribery and extortion, obstruction of Justice, fraud, and financial involvement in drugs and prostitution.

But for now we are supposed to feign surprise that the Democrats picked a Biden family B-F-F to take the reins of this case? Biden knows that Republicans can’t do anything and that the media won’t do anything. This is what a two-tiered justice system looks like. 

So now we wait – because if history has taught us anything – when anyone tied to the Biden family is accused of wrongdoing – the Biden Justice Department almost immediately unleashes another phony indictment against former President Trump.

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