STARNES: McCarthy Wanted Twitter to Silence Conservatives

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Kevin McCarthy, the leader of House Republicans is facing big problems. 

The New York Times released secret audio recordings that prove Mr. McCarthy was plotting against conservatives within his own caucus.

Should Kevin McCarthy be elected Speaker of the House?

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot, he was caught on audio wondering if there was a way for Big Tech to silence conservatives who claimed the 2020 presidential election was rigged. 

He literally asked out loud if there was a way to take away their Twitter accounts. 

Republicans controlled Congress during the first two years of President Trump’s administration. 

They had the opportunity to reign in Big Tech. They had the chance to stop Twitter and Facebook and Google from censoring conservatives. 

But they took a pass leaving their supporters confused and disappointed. 

But now we know why they chose not to intervene and why they chose not to stop the censorship. 

It turns out Mr. McCarthy was on the side of Big Tech, not the American people. 

And that should disqualify him from Republican leadership. 

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