STARNES: Why Is Mainstream Media Silent on Churches Getting Burned?

National Radio host Todd Starnes called out the mainstream media on the Todd Starnes Show for neglecting to cover the recent attacks on churches and pro-life organizations from radical pro-abortion terrorists.

Listen to Todd’s comments below:

The following is a rough transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. ET.

TODD STARNES: Have you guys been hearing about these churches that are getting attacked?

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Do you think the media is biased against pro-life organizations?

I mean, set on fire, firebombed, vandalized, pro-life pregnancy centers. Bethesda, Maryland, they had three churches that got hit. Two were set on fire. The Catholic Church, the Methodist Church and then they desecrated the graveyard of a Baptist church. There is another report out of Overland Park. That’s in the Kansas City area, Overland Park, Kansas, where the Church of the Ascension was vandalized. People were spray painting “my body, my choice,” all over the church building. And I mean, I am seeing dozens and dozens of these local reports.

Nobody’s talking about this on a national level. And this is, again, the hypocrisy. Now, look, you burn down a house, you ought to go to jail for the rest of your life. I mean, that’s just a hate crime. But here’s what gets me, you’ve got a black church that gets burned to the ground. It has wall to wall coverage nonstop. They will send news anchors down to whatever town that it happened in. And, well, they should, because it is a heinous, evil crime.


But why don’t they treat the other church attacks the same way? Why? Why is there a difference in how they cover these churches that are all, by the way, pro-life? Why? Why is it that the mainstream media ignores the stories of these churches that are getting vandalized, that are being attacked? Seems to me this is a major national story, when you have dozens of churches, you have dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers that are coming under attack and nobody’s talking about it. Well, we’re talking about it.

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