STARNES: Will Biden Name Hunter as His ‘Crackhead Czar’?

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President Biden’s Build Back Better plan was a bust, but the White House is hoping its newest initiative will be a huge hit. 

The Department of Health and Human Services will oversee the “Smoke Crack Better” program. That’s not the official name of the program, but it may as well be.

The administration is spending $30 million to fund a crack pipe distribution program. It’s part of a plan to advance racial equity by offering taxpayer funded smoking kits to vulnerable communities. 

Unlike Hunter Biden, I’m not blowing smoke. 

A spokesman for the agency told the Washington Free Beacon that these kits will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and “any illicit substance.”

HHS lashed out and said the Washington Free Beacon’s report was filled with misinformation, but they failed to point out what was wrong with the story.

“Applicants for the grants are prioritized if they treat a majority of ‘underserved communities,’ including African Americans and ‘LGBTQ+ persons,’ as established under President Joe Biden’s executive order on ‘advancing racial equity,'” the newspaper reported.

So transgender crackheads of color will take priority over heterosexual crackheads of the Caucasian persuasion

It’s unclear if Hunter Biden has applied for one of the grants or if he is under consideration to be named as tthe administration’s Crackhead Czar.

That’s nothing to snort at, folks.

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